Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poor Baby Robins

Well today was going really swell, the kiddos were being super first thing this morning so I got a few things done. I got a load of laundry in, the floors swept and the kitchen picked up all before we went outside to play before lunch. They behaved really well except for a few minor "I don't want you on the teeter/totter with me!" and "Hey, that's my swing!" Then we came had lunch, read a couple books, put a little girly on the Headstart bus then off to nappy night time. Everything is still going good, they all get up from nap, we get loaded into the car to go meet the bus and come back to have snack before we go outside once again.

This is where it gets bad....And the worse part the kids were so excited. They discovered a Robin's nest in a Locust tree, and yep one of them can reach it, and yep they take it out of the tree!! They discover one baby and two eggs that "aren't cracked" and then they put it back. Well did I ever surprise them when I told them that was NOT a good thing to do and that I was very disappointed in them for doing that. And went on to explain why they shouldn't do that and when I said "You know, the mommy bird might not come back to the nest because you touched it and the babies will die if she doesn't come back and when the wind blows the nest will probably fall out because it's not stuck to the tree anymore." the little girl who took it out of the tree started bawling and bawling. Poor Robins, I certainly hope Mommy comes back to take care of them.

Mrs. Robin, we are so very sorry!!


  1. Tammy, thanks for stopping by and leaving that wonderful comment on my site. And thanks for inviting me to yours. This site is beautiful! I can tell you have put a lot of creative energy here.

  2. awe so sad, I think we have all done that as kidss


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