Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Animals....or most of them

This is "Shadow" and "Sophie" playing tug of war.
Have you ever tried to take a pic of four dogs at once? One or two is never happy.
This is "Blackie" and "Shadow" in 2007. What a pair.
This is my cat "Punkin" and his brother below is our daughter's cat "Milo" They are 7 yrs old.

This is our daughter's dog "Motley" he is almost two yrs old.

These are my 10 month old puppy "Sophie", she loves to watch me on the computer.

This is our Blackie. He was 12 yrs old when we lost him to prostate cancer in Jan '09.

Small Talk Six: What Makes You Smile?

This week’s topic for the Small Talk Six is “6 things that never fail to make you smile” How does the Small Talk Six work? It is simple. Post your reply to the Small Talk Six topic of the week with 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, or 6 photos. Then go to this weeks post on and link up.
This is my first time doing this but I think I will enjoy doing this every Saturday. So here goes, the 6 things that never fail to make me smile are:
1. My beautiful daughter and her laugh.
2. My wonderful Hubby
3. The rest of my family and friends
4. My daycare kids and all their silly smiles and quotes.
5. Friday night girls card games
6. And of course my two wonder dogs!!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello There! We are playing "The Telephone Game" over at BlogBaby ( come join the circle and pass this message on to fellow bloggers - The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain er...and also BlogBaby is Super Wicked and Awesome! Seriously, she's a BABY who BLOGS!Check out BlogBaby to learn why we are playing "The Telephone Game" and how you can get in on it.

Best Giveaway Yet!

I found the mother of all pearls. This is the giveaway of giveaways.
You need to go on over to Bellaziza's Favorite Things, become a Bellaziza'a V.I.P. and enter this wonderful giveaway. You can enter once per day per email address (Rene stay away from this one)! I am amazed at what wonderful products that they have over at PlanToys. So be sure you all check it out, you'll be amazed.
Make sure you all also go on over to AuntRene's to enter her very first giveaway.

She will be giving away 4 bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. She will pick 2 winners and you will each become the owners of 2 bottles of the Great Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.


Well I finally won something, but AuntRene did too, of course. lol Here is what i won.

Lynette from Crazed Mind gave me this award. This is the first award I have received and I thank her for it.

Ok, so here is how this goes. First I ask if you will pop on over to Crazed Mind and give some bloggy love to Lynette!

Then follow on down and see if you are one of my winners. If you are not so lucky this time please go and let the winners think they are great (or that they stole your award)!

There are rules that go along with accepting this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate 10 blogs that show great Attitude and/or Gratitude.
(If you don't have 10 that's okay too)

3. Be sure to link your nominees in your post.

4. Let them know that they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link this post to the person from whom you received your award.

So to fulfill my obligations I nominate:

Life In A House of Blue!

I am sorry but that is all the followers I have in blogging.

Thanks to all the award winners for joining my followers list. It is greatly appreciated.

Make sure you all go on over to AuntRene's to enter her very first giveaway.

She will be giving away 4 bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. She will pick 2 winners and you will each become the owners of 2 bottles of the Great Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The Stress Eater Diet"

I came across a great giveaway today. It's for a book called
"The Stress Eater Diet"
and it targets women who eat a lot and eat unhealthy foods when they are stressed. This book includes information on nutrition, stress relieving exercises, calming techniques, and serotonin boosting foods.
I myself have came to the conclusion that there are a lot of us out there and figured some of you might want to know about this giveaway. So I am going to be nice and tell you where to find it even though it lessens my chances of winning. Go to the Mommy-Momo blog to see the review and enter to win:

Thursday...two more days of kiddos

Oh, my gosh. I didn't post yesterday. Well I had a busy day so I guess you could say that's my excuse. I had kids from 4am to 10pm and I finally got to the dentist yesterday to get my first fillings. Yuck! That seemed to take forever. The bad part is I have to go back for more.

I bowled lastnight and we did pretty good we won two out of three games and we took total.

I started walking on the treadmill on Monday and I am proud of myself. I have done it three nights in a row. Yeah! I just have to keep it up. I borrowed my daughter's Ipod to listen to and I don't think I will ever run out of music to hear. She has like 530 some songs on it. I made the mistake lastnight of listening to the songs in alphabetical order by artist and it's kinda hard to go from listening to Alabama to listening to Avril Lav. I will get that figured out before tonight.

That sister in law of mine just keeps on winning and winning. I told her that is just WRONG! I have only won one giveaway and it was a ring that I am still waiting on because it had to be made in my size.

Well, we had someone come to look at our roof today that was damaged in the wind storm we had a couple of weeks ago. They said we need all new shingles and vents. That's good if the insurance is paying for it all but bad if they don't. Now I get to go pick up all the shingles out of the back yard. Fun Fun!!

Well I have two more days of kids and I have a day off. I actually have kids all night tomorrow. I gave all my daycare parents a coupon for a free night of care as a christmas gift and they are all slowly using them. I guess I should have worded it "A Free Evening of Care" not "A Free Night of Care" but, it's too late now. That's okay though because all the parents really appreciated it so that's what matters.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, wait

One weird thing did happen to me today. And was is ever strange. I still haven't figured it out. Here is what happened I was boiling 2 cups of water in a Tupperware measuring cup (a 2 cup, cup) in the microwave. I had boiled it once but wasn't ready for it yet. So about 10 minutes later I turned the microwave back on and checked to see how much water was left in the cup because sometimes the water evaporates. It had just under 2 cups left. About 30 seconds later I heard the pop..pop and turned around and looked and couldn't figure out where the noise came from...........then...........I looked in the microwave and I had about 1 cup of water left in the cup and the rest was all over the inside of the microwave. And the water wasn't even boiling. I am amazed at what happened..........that's just crazy.

Terrific Tuesday

Well finally a day without a catastrophe. Everything today was great. The kiddos were all in good moods and we got two days worth of Mother Goose accomplished (today and yesterday's). No dogs were puking or peeing (freak thing) anywhere. Nothing burned up or got broke. No snot running down to the kids' chins. No one got injured and everyone was on time. What a great day! I am scared at what tommorrow will bring or tonight when I go downstairs to walk on the treadmill. I have been known to miss a few steps. lol

And Rene I always listen to what people tell me..............I would not enter a giveaway you were trying to win. lol

Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Sub From QUIZNOS

Here is Quiznos website where you can go to get you a free sub. They are giving away One million subs. When I got my subs they had already given away 157,000. You get one sub per email address. Get yours while the last.

Monday Mayhem

Well today has definitely shown me how bad Mondays can be. The kids came in all crazy and with an insane amount of energy, except for the boys at 3:30am. They were in good moods but very very hard to wake up at 6:30am. They were off to school at 7am. I had other kids arrive at 6:45, 7:15, 8:00, 8:20, 8:45 and two kids were supposed to arrive at 9:00 but never showed. Talked with their mom about 10am and she said she forgot to call me last night and let me know that her 19 month and 3, 5 and 7 year olds all have the stomach flu. Boy am I glad they stayed home.

We didn't get mother goose done today as it was just plain crazy here. The kids didn't want to sit still for anything. They just wanted to run, jump and sing today. That's okay though because they should nap good. Sometimes you'll have that.

In between the kids jumping, running and singing my 9 month old puppy decides she needs to pee on the floor. She hasn't done that in a while. Maybe too much playing with the kids. With all that going on our daughters dog decided he needed to throw up four times within about 20 minutes. Thank goodness it was just water. For some reason the silly dog doesn't like to burp. If he drinks too fast and needs to burp he just pukes instead. Of course he waited to do all that about five minutes after our daughter left for college. How convenient. At this point I am ready to give in.

Then it's lunch time so I decided that we are going to have sausage, mush, toast and fried apples. Well finally something turns out right. Then......while we are sitting in the daycare room at the table eating I smell something....then I turn around and I see it............smoke everywhere. Turning the pan off would have been a really wonderful idea, but why would I have done that? So I had to turn on the fans, open the windows (it's 19 degrees outside) to air out the house. Well the kids had big fun with that when they finished eating. We did whole thing about crawling under the smoke in your house, which was a good learning tool. How else could you practice that drill adequately? Then I laughed to myself when the kids were talking about how I about made my house burn down and then they would not have a "babysitter" because I would be dead. They looked at me and one said "Tammy, don't do that again I like to come to your house and if it's on fire I can't come anymore.

Then I get this crazy idea that while the kids are starting to lay down for nap I will try to figure out why the daycare computer monitor decided to shrink the display last Friday while we were playing Hello Kitty. Fun!! Well I no longer have to try to figure it out because when I had a brilliant idea of turning it off then back on it made a loud snap and will not come back on. So it's simply fried. Time for a new monitor. Well that won't happen for a while. At least not until the Hubby goes back to work, which hopefully is sooner than later. Enough of my day.

You should all go over to my sister-in-laws site and enter to win 2 bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. She will be choosing two winners to receive 2 bottles each. So stop on over at and enter.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hubby went grocery shopping with me!

Well today started off pretty early. The Hubby and I went the my Grandparents at 8:30am and took them to Bob Evans for breakfast then visited with them until about 11:15am then we went to Wally World (that's Walmart for those of you who don't know that) to do some grocery shopping and yes the Hubby went also, the first time in a long time. I decided we needed some different things and extra things to eat so taking him to the store usually gets that accomplished. As we are unloading both shopping carts he says "How much do you think we spent?" Well my guess was under by over $200, so needless to say we spent a whole bunch. But we have lots to eat. Oh and a new door handle for the front door ooooooooooooh that was a whole $30. The only bad thing is that now I can't say there's nothing to eat and order Chinese from Hunan's.

Well, its here, my sister-in-law is having her very first giveaway today. She is giving away 2 bottles of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce to two different winners. Her site is . So make sure you stop over there and enter her giveaway.

I would also like to say "Thanks" to all the Welcomistas for welcoming me to the SITSahood. I will be checking out all your sites sooner or later.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Childcare Training Left ME Speechless!!

Imagine me speechless. We had a training today at JFS put by PBS and of course there's always some really weird providers there. Some give the rest of us bad names because they are so dumb. We had a kinda questionaire and you had to decide if you were COMFORTABLE WITH, UNCOMFORTABLE WITH or UNDECIDED about certain statements. One of the statements was that a 4 year old girl slept in her parents bed everynight. Of course we had to raise our hands when she asked who felt comfortable, uncomfortable and undecided. One provider (if she should even be called that) raised her hand on being comfortable with that. She was defending her decision with the fact that she has a 7 year old that sleeps in bed with her and her husband every night. You know I can't leave that alone so I ask "What do you do if you want to have some BowChicAWowWow?" Her answer was....................are you ready for this...................hope your sitting down........................"Oh, she sleeps though most anything." I about fell out of my chair. I could not believe what she just said and neither could anyone else. It seemed like all at once everyone said "ugggg that's wrong!" I was left so speechless. I just sat there and wanted to walk over and slap her up side her big dumb head. This woman is a foster parent also. Needless to say I am sure that Children's Services and J.L and JFS will have lots of phone calls on Monday.

Another bright so called provider says this about getting her kids to eat and drink certain things. "My kids call grape juice "Alien Blood" and they call apple juice "Beer." Some people are just dumb. No brains at all. And they wonder why there is always negative crap about daycare providers in the news.

I left that meeting totally flabbergasted. Wondering if I will ever forget the comment about the little girl sleeping through most anything. I hope that woman felt embarrASSed.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Fever

How does this look?
I am getting spring fever!!!
These are some of flowers from last year. I hope that they have spread all over this year. I am so excited for spring to come. That means more time outside with the kids and less to clean inside.
That darn groundhog just had to see his shadow! :(


Thanks Goodness It's Friday!! I was supposed to have kids tommorrow but then I remembered on Wednesday that I have a PBS training at JFS all day tommorrow. Free goodies, my favorite!! Lot's of scholasic books!

I have finally givin up on putting a new layout on the Lampherefamilytree site for now. It has been driving me crazy and I can take it no longer I need a break. The only one that I can get to upload is the one on here, and I don't want to do that. No twinkies.

Today is a rather boring day. Only have one kiddo. That's no fun. We have done a lot of one on one stuff and S.S. is such a smart little one that I need to find more for her to do.

I entered a few more giveaways today but have not won anything else since the ring.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

OKA b. Shoes That Love You - Giveaway!

I found this great giveaway at These shoes look so comfy. And also if you go to OKA b. at they are giving away 5 pairs. They have different designs and colors. I would love to win both of these because I love what I call flip flops.

It's FREEZING outside...

....and snowing. It is so cold out the temp on my Weather Bug says 14degrees. Who know what the wind chill is. I know it is blowing like crazy and we are having whiteouts. It is definately February weather. I like the weather last week. I prefer the 50degrees better.

I went out to put a kiddo on the Headstart bus and we decided to come back inside because she said she was going to turn into a "Girl Popcicle" The things kids say. My kiddo S.S. said today "This shaushage (sausage) is very gooooood indeed." She is such a hoot.

Well I skipped out on bowling lastnight. I wasn't feeling the best. Had a major sinus headache or should I say face-ache. I am so tired of that crap too.

I would like to welcome Auntie B. from Penn. to blogging. "HELLO!!" I haven't seen her in forever. We never seem to get to Penn. anymore. We really need to get there and visit with everybody. I know that the family has really grown since we were there last.

Well I am off to text my Aunt J.. to get our Friday Night Girls Card Game in motion and try to plan ahead what we are going to eat for supper. We always seem to wait till the last minute to decide. I do believe tonight we are going to play at my cousin J..'s house.................After I do that I am going try to win a few giveaways.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a dreary day outside....

Well today started out not so swell. Why is it that parents cannot understand that when they drop their kids off they need not to bring them in with food that becomes fair game? One mom came in with McD's sausage and pancakes and the two other girls were like "I love sausage" and the mom is like "Oh, well be will eat all the sausage." So therefore I had two upset girls at 8:00am. 8:30am another mom came in with cookies which had to wait because we had already started our Mother Goose Curriculum by then. I told them they could have them after we were done if the babies didn't show up before then. Well....two minutes after I pass those cookies out the babies get here and that causes a few upset kids because I didn't have anymore. That was only half that problem because that mom came it with a child eating a LICK-M-AID. Not really something for a three year old to carry around eating in the morning. By this time I had a few upset children. What a way to start the day. But we put in a Mother Goose CD with songs about planets and rockets and they all started doing the count up's (cause they can't do count down's) and jumping off the little chairs yelling "BLAST OFF!!" They were so cute at this point.

But boy, Hubby could not wait to get out of the house soon enough when they started that. Okay, so they were a little loud. But they were having fun. Hubby is off the take our niece T.. off to find her another car. He says hers sounds like an airplane. I hope it does not sound like the yellow one that flies around here. I think he was crop dusting or something yesterday and Hubby threatens to send a muffler to the airport with a note for him to install it on that plane. It's kinda fun to see him get upset at an airplane in the sky because it's too loud. :)

Well my favorite daughter (my only one) should be home soon with me some chinese to eat so I am going to go get some things cleaned up before my food arrives. And yes Rene is from Hunan, the best chinese ever. Opps, she's here. No cleaning for me....darn

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today Was So Much Better

Wow what a day! I had six kids today. Their ages are 5, two 4's, 3, and two 1 year olds. We did our Mother Goose Time today. They are learning about the Solar System. For some reason their favorite planet is Pluto. Or is Pluto really a planet at all. No one really seams to know. In the teaching plans it says the scientist's decided it was a dwarf planet. Doesn't that mean it's still a planet? And it tells the kids to decide whether or not they think it's a planet. Wow, scientist's leaving it up to toddlers. Well to me poor little Pluto will always be a planet.

I have to tell you all about the supper me and my hubby had. It was thanks to my Mom and Dad. They had ordered some Omaha Steaks and wanted us to try them and lucky for me one of their three freezers quit and I also got some crab legs. Yummy Yummy. So being selfish I fixed them tonight while the daughter was at working making pizza's. And just so you all know I texted her to see if she wanted me to fix her some so when she gets home she can eat it. I am not that mean. Here is what I had: Fillet Mignon, Crab Legs and baked potato. Awesome. Here is what the Hubby had: Fillet Mignon, mac and cheese (yes it was Kraft) and tator tots. He likes to have mac and cheese with steak to me that just sound so wrong, but he is weird like that.

For all you family members in Penn. that I haven't seen in a very long time and to those of you I saw this past summer "HELLO!" Rene said you have been checking us out. I hope while you are doing that you are entering the giveaways. I think we need to team up and try to pass Rene on her wins:) lol

Well I am off the watch CSI NY. I mistakenly got my Hubby hooked on those types of shows and I swear he DVR's at least 10 per day. Between the CSI's and Law & Order's I may never get to watch Brother's and Sister's again. HaHa!!

Let's finish the crazy monday story

Okay so I have told you how crazy Monday was for me on here, now I am going to let you know some crazy things that happened to me at home.
I sent the boys in to wash their hands for supper and silly me I left the brand new bottle of Fabric Softner sitting on the bathroom counter. guessed it It landed upside down, shattering the lid. Exactaly what is the best way to clean up a big bottle of fabric softner? Well silly me again, I used bath towels. Now I have three of the softest and most unabsorbable towels I have ever seen.
On to my other crazy thing. I am extremely tired so I am off to bed about 10:30pm and my little "CUTE" 9 month old Sophie goes to bed with me. That is our nightly ritual. Well after about 15 minutes she wants out of my bedroom. I was thinking she wanted to go play with Motley (that's my daughter's dog for those of you who don't know). What was I thinking. Maybe I wasn't. about 11:45pm I turned over in bed and yep you guessed it. She didn't want to go play with Motley, she had to pee. And since she will usually only go outsied for me (she's spoiled) and I wasn't up to let her out.........she decided to pee on my feet. How nice!! She is still alive and I say that because if my hubby would have been in that bed asleep and had to get up for me to change the sheets because there was pee on his feet he would have probably killed her (not really). But lucky dog, he was still at his sisters house.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well let me tell you how my evening went. I got a text from my sis in law Rene and she informed me that you could not leave messages on here. This was about 7:00pm............Well 2 hours later and lots of four letter words I FIXED IT!! Man I was loosing my patients quick. I was ready to throw the laptop to the dogs, that way Sophie could step on all the keys she wants to. You do not realize how relieved I am that I finally repaired the Html. I was so tired of looking at things like lsdjfkjrnnkjhvkdmddka. Well after you look at the same thing for so long it all starts looking the same. I googled the directions to fix it and you have to find THIS and replace it with THIS. It all looked the same to me, a foreign language. But I did NOT let it get the best of me. So guess what this means Rene....we WILL get your layout changed. Maybe. lol

On a happier note here is a picture of my BIG dog Shadow. He is half Lab and half NewFoundland and weighs in at 140 and is 8 years old and a big ole baby. He is a diabetic dog. Ever heard of that? I didn't until he got sick. Now he gets 32 units of insulin twice a day. Poor doggie. I will get a pic of my little Sophie on here sometime soon. Need to get them off the camera first.

I told you today was CRAZY

I was called out on a comment. It was my fault of course. I told you my posts were doing crazy things earlier. I could not edit anything and things would disappear. I have to apologize to . I am sorry I really did blog about your giveaway....once so now I am doing it again. I love these shirts that she has as her giveaway. I would love to get all my daycare kids one that says "I LOVE MY BABYSITTER" What a cool gift.

Today Things Are Just Crazy

What a day. My posts are acting crazy. I was blaming it on my poor Sophie because she was sitting on my lap, as she loves to do, chasing the cursor around and slobbering up my screen. But she is snoozing in the other chair and I am still having problems. Oh well. Sometimes I think I have lost my mind, I am so giveaway crazy...of course it doesn't take much to get me to the to the crazy side. lol :)
I can't seem to become a follower of any blog. There is never a link for me to click. Maybe no one wants me to follow them. I am telling you all it's a crazy monday.

Anyway the purpose of this second post is to give you all the link to my sis-in-law's blogsite. It is make sure you leave her a comment to let her know you were there (and leave me one too). She will be having her first giveaway in the near future. So make sure you keep checking back.

Oh What a Monday!!

Today there are alot of giveaways out there at Rene passed this site on to me and boy she is keeping me busy. I almost feel like I am in a contest with her. She keeps right on winning all these giveaways and it's driving me insane. I have won one giveaway so far and since then she has won like 3 more. I know I just started this but wow I never realized how my free things were out there. And I am definatly learning that there are some really cool things out there also. If I had money boy the things I could buy. Since I love glass this site ( d'Pholk designs ) is really cool. I must live in a sheltered world because there are so many handmade things out there that I never knew existed. Now I completely understand the whole giveaway thing and why it exists.

Bridgette from Not-So-Blog is giving away the following. But hurry because some of them end soon.

And Not the Jet Set is giving away a KITCHEN AID coffee grinder at

Here is a great giveaway that everyone needs Cherish Bound Story Starter and Publisher Giveaway

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I had a great time lastnight!!

Well today is Sunday! A second day off in a row!

Well we went to see George Jones last night. They had a tribute to Conway Twitty that included both of his daughters. The whole show was really good. Better than I expected. We went to eat a my all time favorite restaurant TGI Friday! We had an awesome night.

I found this new site that you all need to check out, called Kidz. She will be giving away two prizes per day during the period of Feb. 16 - 20. The site is I have also added the button on the right that you can just click on. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Here are some other sites for you to visit for giveaways:

Janice is giving away ladybug bean bags at

Katie is giving away flip flops at

Theo is giving away two votives from Biso Boutique at

$avings Makes ¢ents is giving away a $25 gift card to at

Okay well I have spent some time entering for giveaways but now the Daytona 500 is coming on.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Yeah!! Today is Friday. I get TWO days off in a row this weekend. I am so excited. I haven't had two days off in one week in so long. Tomorrow is the big Vday and I got my hubby tickets to see George Jones tomorrow night. I am just soooo thrilled. But he likes him so that's Okay.
I have had an easy day with kids today. It started at 3:30am with two boys who were grouchy but they went back to sleep until 6:30. I had other kids come and go but for the most part I have had only two kids at a time today. How easy is that. We did Vday stuff today and did some cleaning:) Tonight is the regular "Girls Card Game" night. I think all 5 of us are playing and we will be eating pizza. That's about as exciting as it gets.

Not much time to do giveaways so far today. Had to clean during nap but there is always time after cards:)


Oh my! I won the Cactus Ring!!! I am so excited and I have to say "Thanks Rene!!" Now I am going to more addicted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I just had to come back

I just had to come back for more.

Here is my favorite giveaway so far. I think every parent should have at least one of these and every daycare provider should have at least two.

Here is another good one for a self esteem journal for boys and girls

Here is a giveaway for a child's artwork.

TOO much wind here for me and my roof!!

Okay so I have had enough of this wind and rain. My roof looks terrible and last night you could go wading in my basement. Not a good evening last night. Today is better but getting rid of this sinus headache would be fabulous. This morning I did the beloved Mother Goose Time with the children (who absolutely love the curriculum) and unfortunately Syd dumped a whole baggie of little sequins on the table and floor, Yeah!! But because she is such a wonderful girl SHE picked them all up. We have so much to get accomplished for Valentines day for their parents.

I do believe that I have became addicted (Thanks Rene)! The kids are napping and I am surfing the givaways and found some really great ones. I have to make myself stop. I need a nap myself.

Here is a link to a cool site and their giveaway from The Shrunks is really neat, especially for parents who have children with fears.

Finding Joy in the Journey ( is giving away a soy candle. I love these.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh my much to little time. This could become addicting and QUICK!!

Found a site called sherbet blossom. They are giving away a $30 gift certificate for a personalized fruit roll up! Who ever heard of such a thing. I am learing so many things tonight.
Wow! Rene is keeping me hopping!

I just went to this great site: It is a site that you could win an 8G Apple iPod Touch! And I didn't know that Walmart had 11 Mommies either. But I sure am liking them now that I know. Make sure you go there and leave your comment.

I also commented on a $250 Lowes giftcard giveaway. Wouldn't that be totally awesome!! I am going to keep blogging and trying to win more giveaways!!

I commented for my first giveaway :)

Well I just left my first comment for my first giveaway, it was on "A Give Away A Day" for the Cactus design ring. Iadded their button to my site also. I hope this gets easier because this has taken me forever...If anyone has any suggestions on helping me get faster let me know. Thanks Rene!!! here goes! I can say that I have no idea what I am doing on here except that I have been reading AuntRene's Blog and she has got me interested in the give aways. Hopefully I don't screw this up too bad and can get some cool free stuff.