Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, What a Sunday!!

Well today started off really great.
Got up this morning and was getting ready to go eat breakfast at Hamiltons in piratesville and received a phone call dear ole Mom who told me that my 89 year old Grandma had fallen out of bed and think she broke her hip and she was at the ER getting x-rays.
So the Hubby and I went on to breakfast in piratesville but didn't get to go to Hamiltons because there were NO parking spaces so we figured they were packed so we ended up at the big Al's. It was good but not as good as Hamiltons.
When we got home with a full belly I needed to lay down and nap. I was woke up by a phone call from dear ole Dad saying nothing was broken and they were on their way back to the assisted living facility (which is an awesome place). So I finished my nap then decided I better go for my weekly visit to see them.
After stopping at Wally World for them I met up with my daughter "R" in the parking lot then we finally got to their apartment to visit. Grandpa was grumpy when we first arrived. I think sometimes he gets upset at my Dad and my Uncle (who had been there since about 8:15am) when they are there because they talk over him. But after a few minutes he was good to go. Grandma is in a lot of pain but I got her up walking twice to the bathroom to try to keep it from getting so sore and stiff and gave her some Tylenol. Which I am not sure why my Dad and Uncle didn't do any of that for her. They (the ER) want her to walk but with help and take Tylenol. They had been back from the ER since about 10:30am and hadn't had and Tylenol since 9am and it was 3:30pm. Leave it to men to take care of a woman and that's what you get, I guess.
Anyway stopped for some take home Hunan (Yummy) and now relaxing before off to work on taxes some more (yucky)


  1. Geez sorry to hear about Gma V.H. I am glad it wasn't broken and how did she fall out of bed.. Goodness..
    Take Out from Hunan are you kidding me. Chinese on a Sunday, I never get that on Sunday because Chengs is closed. Sounds Yummy, I have to get over there soon.
    Take Care,

  2. Well she got up to go to the bathroom and she was getting back into bed and when she went to sit down she was not close enough and slid right down onto the floor. And of course those apartments don't have padding under the carpet and there is concrete under the carpet so it was a hard landing....owwwieee!! She's not like us with padding included. lol :)

  3. Hey when you have a second checkout this awesome site. She is having a Princess dress giveaway, wouldn't your little girlies love that.
    That's right I am sharing giveaways with you... geez such a bad SIL I am...
    notice no spiders.. YUCKY

  4. would it help if I pasted the link.. Lord help me.. the darn spider has me SCARED...

  5. Glad to hear your Grandma is ok!
    Thanks for becoming my 100th follower!!!

  6. Poor Grandma! Glad she is better and you got some yummy dinner too. Have a relaxing night!


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