Monday, June 20, 2011

I am beyond ANGRY!!!

I need everyone's help! I was contacted by a company, M2Cmart to spread the word about one of their featured products on Facebook. That was easy peasy! And also with this whoever does this and then gets the most comments on their wall post will WIN the featured product. So I get ask some friends to help me get comments and it is working I am up to 160 comments.

THEN, I receive a message from M2Cmart this morning telling me that 95% of those comments do not count. WTH??? Are you serious? Here is a snippet of what they said: 

So far, you're leading the campaign with more than 160 comments! That's quite impressive & amazing! Yet having a second look, we find that most of the comments, up to 95%, is made by five friends of yours, and we feel regret that those repeative posts doesn't count.
On the other hand, there's one fan of ours is sharing with different freinds, which means each comment is written by different writers, and she's doing even better.
We apologize for not letting you know before, & the rules of campaign may be misleading.
Considering the effort you've done, we're offering you a $20 coupon to shop for anything at our website, solar light, coffee press, air pot, etc.
Hope you don't mind.

Now, no where in the rules does it say anything about that.

Here are the rules:

Visit our Facebook Shop & Share the Featured Product to Get It Free!

A. Fan who shares one of our SHOP’s featured products or leaves comments, gets a $10 coupon.
B. Fan who gets at least 10 comments & likes on his(her) wall post of our featured products, gets a $20 coupon.
C. Fan who gets the most comments & likes may have the featured product for free!!

I think that I have been wronged! What do you think? Will you help me out? We have been talking about their featured product, a microwave. So I am asking that everyone help me out and let's show them that I can get the comments needed to win.

Here is the featured product:

Galanz 0.7 cu. ft.700W Stainless Steel Front Countertop Microwave Oven with 6 Auto Cooking/One Touch Menu

 Now, will you all hop over to my Facebook and "LIKE" my post and leave me a comment on the post?
 I hate asking but they have me angry now!! And if you need a vote for something let me know and I am there!! I am going to go over and open my facebook up so that nobody has to request to be a friend right now, this is how angry I am.




  1. That sucks... Usually the rules get changed when someone complains because they're losing.

  2. Hi, I found you on Bloggy Moms and I am a new fan. Sorry to hear about the contest. It is actually kinda funny. Your blog is refreshing and I look forward to reading future posts.


  3. Tammy your right! Does not say be different friends....just the largest number of comments. Would be pissed too!


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