Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Think I May Need A Time Out!

With a crazy day I had the yesterday of not feeling the greatest because of well, we will just blame it on (fibromyalgia) the weather and the pressure changes outside, the daycare kiddos have been really good until about supper time! And then one little guy had managed to mess that all up in an hour! 

Isn't is amazing how a just turned two year old can get that evil grin and just wreck everybody's world in a matter of a few seconds? He had managed to kick one of the other daycare girls, and the he hit her sister and then while eating supper he decided that he was done and was going to share the rest of his food by throwing it at the other four kids. 

Now, by this time I already had a headache, my knee was killing me, my back really needed a major rest and my shoulder was on fire and I have little mini fighter picking on the girls and then smiling from ear to ear about it. Ugg!

Well, I whipped out my handy dandy Time Out pad on him for the first time since I started keeping him eight months ago. I don't think that he liked that very much because when he tried to get up it plays this loud beeping sound and he would put his little tush right back down on it. I couldn't help but snicker under my breath and try not to make my little evil grin.

I bought this a year or so ago from and I have to admit that I love it. I have used it a few times and it works much better than a chair because if they get up the beeping starts and they sit right back down till their time is up.

Needless to say little man's smirkly little evil grin was gone and I hope knows I now mean business and I think that the third time on the timeout pad was the charm.

Now lets just hope that he remembers it next time when I ask him, "Do you want to sit in time out?" Hopefully he doesn't look at me, grin and say "Yes."

The timeout that I may need if he continues this behavior is a nice long timeout with my hubby on a weeks long vacation somewhere away from kids!

You can get this for $18.83 from

Here are some of the features of this product:
  • Simple to use pressure pad with built in timer helps parents monitor time outs
  • Adjustable timer from 1-to-5 minutes
  • Visual countdown and audio function
  • Includes free positive parenting guide
  • Suitable for children 2 years and up


Netbook Computer Event #Winner Announcement, Is it you?

winner smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Congratulations, Lisa C. you are the winner

of the Netbook Computer Event!

WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION: .......The Sponsor will attempt to contact each potential Grand Prize winner by telephone or email using the contact information given at the time of entry. If the selected entrant cannot be reached within two (2) business days after the date of the draw or after two (2) attempts to contact, whichever comes first, or if the selected entrant is otherwise ineligible, Sponsor shall have the right to choose another entrant from the remaining eligible entries. This process shall continue until the applicable Grand Prize has been awarded. Sponsor shall have no liability for any winner notification that is not received for any reason.

smiley image by befje

Wordless Wednesday

I just had to swipe this picture from my niece, this is their cute little puppy!

You can see all my Wordless Wednesday here.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Now, that is a swing or bed or whatever!!!

I saw this first thing this morning on Facebook and I had to share! Is this not awesome?? I would love to have one of these in my backyard for ME, not the daycare kiddos to play on but for me to climb up on with my Kindle and read away! Now, if I only had a tree big enough to hold something like this.

 You can see more awesome things like this over at Ashley-Cooper Creations on Facebook.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday Stealing: Scottish style

Today we ripped off a blogger named  Scottish Mum from the blog Scottish Mum Blog. It was stolen from three bloggers. She explained that the "lovely ladies over at More Than a Mum, Yummy Step Mummy and Fluffy Dumplings have all tagged me so far." But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The Scottish Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!
1. Where are you from and where do you live now? Except for about 6 months of my life I have lived within 7 miles of where I live now. Crazy huh?

2. Favorite childhood story/book/film? Ruldoph the Red Nosed Reindeer

3. If you could change gender for a day what would you do? Pass

4. Do you feel you family is complete or would you like more/some children? My family is complete but I would have rather had more children but the good Lord thought different.

5. What do you do/Where do you work and do you enjoy it? I operate a home daycare and yes, I love it! 

6. Which three words do you think sum you up? Needs a vacation!

7. If you were a fairy what magical powers would you possess? Clean my house in a wink of an eye.

8. If you were invisible, where would you go and what would you do? Why? Hahaha, that would spoil the whole thing if I told that now wouldn't it?

9. What song can’t you listen to without crying? Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA where the people are talking.

10. Which book changed your life – or at least made you think a lot? None that I can recall.

11. Why do you blog? It gives me some all about me time,

12. What is your top ‘me-time’ tip? I love to spend my me time with a good book,

13. What can’t you live without? My hubby and my daughter,

14. Which of all your blog posts are you most proud of and why? I guess I should be proud of them,

15. Have you ever met a famous person? Who and where? Not that I remember.

16. When did you last have a full nights sleep? That is a very good question!

17. What would you think is harder: Going to work or staying at home with children? I would have to say it all depends on who you are.

18. What are you doing for Easter? I am sure we will be a someone else's house as usual.

19. What is your favorite drink? Did someone say Margaritas???

20. Do you play any sports? Bowling and I love it1

21. What is your most embarrassing moment? Oh, that is a funny one!

22. How clever are you? Very clever of course!

23. Name a new favorite TV show? Two Broke Girls

24. Any guilty pleasures? Jack Daniels

25. If you could have chosen your own name, what would it be? Lucy, it's the first thing that came to mind.

26. Who do you most admire in life, and why? I plead the 5th!

27. What is your most treasured possession? Possessions aren't meant to be treasured, but since you are asking I would say my wedding rings.

28. Tell your favorite funny joke... Well, I must not be too clever because I can't think of any right now.

29. What is your biggest fear in life? Dying alone, as in nobody there with me when I go.

30. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? What does it remind you of? Riverside Vanilla, it reminds me of Riverside vanilla.


You can play along and link up also over at Sunday Stealing!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Review Policy

I love to spend time reading and some times I spend way too much time reading. I love to share the books that I have read with others so that they may learn of a book that they might not have heard of if it weren't for hearing about it from me.

First and foremost this is my personal blog and I do write about a variety of things from the books I read to the home daycare that I operate out of my home. I may also tend to do some venting from time to time but I do my best to keep it all in good taste. I also run giveaways from time to time and I also participate in weekly memes like Friday Fill-Ins, Friend & Follow Friday, Saturday 9, Sunday Stealing and such that are to help generate new followers.

For book reviews I always include a cover image, title, author, publisher, publish date and the book description with links to the author if available. I do reviews of advanced copies from the publishers in the forms of digital versions (for my Kindle), personal copies or audio books. I post the reviews as I finish the books unless you would like for me to wait and publish them on a certain date. I also post my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
I will have a contest to give away the personal copy that I receive but you will have to request that or you can send more than one copy to be given away. I do not receive any monetary compensation for any reviews so if you do not request that the book be given away, I will keep it for myself.

My favorite genres are:

Amish fiction
Christian fiction
Childrens books
Forensic thrillers
Contemporary fiction
General fiction

When I write my review, I give my honest opinion. I do not like Sci-Fi books or Horror books they may be great books but that is just my taste.

I have to say that I do get books from NetGalley, Book Sneeze and Blogging For Books but that is when I request them and I get to choose if I want what is available at that time. When I do receive a book, I always post where I got it from if I didn't pick it up on my own.

For Product Reviews, I operate an In-Home Childcare in my home and have for 20+ years now. I have children in my home 6-7 days per week from ages of 6 months to 11 years old. I can review just about anything to do with children from infant foods and crib beds to games and clothes for the older children.

We love to go camping and I am currently losing weight, so anything to do with a healthy way of weight loss and exercise I am all up for. I do have to say that I can not do reviews for anything that has to do with eating or drinking the health shakes or energy drinks because of the medication that I am on. But as far as food goes, I am fair game.

I love trying new products, as some call me a new product junkie and love letting people know what I think about things.

If you are interested in me doing a review you may contact me at and I will get back with you about whether I am interested.

Saturday 9 - Sexy NO and my rules DO make sense!!

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

1. When do you feel that you are at your sexiest?  Any time I am laying in the arms of my Hubby!

2. What's your favorite magazine? Why?  I have two, Readers Digest and Birds & Bloom. I love the jokes and stories in RD and the pictures and information in B&B are amazing.

3. What’s something you do more quickly than most people? That would be a good question to ask someone else.

4. When do you first remember using a computer? In high school about so and so years ago. You didn't really think I was going to tell you did ya?

5. Who is the craziest person in your family? And you think I am crazy enough to put that on here? NOT! I have to keep the peace.

6. What one thing are you craving today?  House of Hunan as always.

7. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?  I hate spending money!!

8. What’s the part of your morning you least look forward to every day?  Getting out of bed!

9. What are some rules you have for yourself that don’t really make much sense? I guess the only rules I have for myself are not really for me but for my family for after I die. You know, like no over/under grave, no casket that has already been used by another dead body, no memorial garden because I want a headstone, no cremation because fire is hell and other NON silly things like that.

You can play along and link up over at Saturday: 9.

While you are here, hop over HERE and enter to win this Netbook!!


Friend & Follow Friday

I have yet swiped another meme! This one however will help you to get out there and meet new bloggers. I found this over at Harriet and Friends and I have to admit I came across some great blogs today!


How it Works

• On the linky below, enter your name and what you are linking to. For example, Posh-GFC, Mel-Twitter
• If you have more than one page to link to, go ahead and post them all separately.
• Linking to a giveaway post specifically is viewed as spam, and as such, will be deleted just as spam will. For your convenience, there is a giveaway linky below the hop linky
• Under 100 GFC Followers? Under 200 Twitter? Under 200 Facebook Page likes? Under 50 in your circle? Please add “low” next to your name so we know to help you out!
• YES, you can link to your hop. You may want to add “linky” next to it.
• Make a goal to visit 5 others, like/friend them, and then leave a comment telling them hello.
***TIP: Blogger Users- The changes to the blogger word verification has made it difficult for others to post comments. Turn off your word verification and you’ll most likely get more comments! ***
Thanks for joining us!


Aloha Friday ~ Honesty

Well it's Friday again and over at Island Life you can play along with this fun and interesting meme.

So, here is my question:

What would you like to see more or less of on my blog?? And be honest.


Bee$avy Getting National Attention

BeeSavy Getting National Attention on Fox Business

If you follow this blog regularly, you know I've told you about an
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Have you entered to #win this Netbook yet??

Have you entered to win this Netbook yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

It comes with a wireless mouse and a carrying case so hop on over to the Netbook Computer Event and enter to win! Entries are super easy and you can get tons of entries!


#Book Review - The Keeper by Suzanne Woods Fisher #Amish

Title:  The Keeper (Stoney Ridge Seasons Book 1)
Publisher:  Revell
Publish Date:  January 1, 2012

About the book:

Julia Lapp has planned on marrying Paul Fisher since she was a girl. Now twenty-one, she looks forward to their wedding with giddy anticipation. When Paul tells her he wants to postpone the wedding--again--she knows who is to blame. Perpetual bachelor and spreader of cold feet, Roman Troyer, the Bee Man.

Roamin' Roman travels through the Amish communities of Ohio and Pennsylvania with his hives full of bees, renting them out to farmers in need of pollinators. He relishes his nomadic life, which keeps him from thinking about all he has lost. He especially enjoys bringing his bees to Stoney Ridge each year. But with Julia on a mission to punish him for inspiring Paul's cold feet, the Lapp farm is looking decidedly less pleasant.
Can Julia secure the future she's always dreamed of? Or does God have something else in mind?

Full of the plot twists and surprises her fans love,
The Keeper is the first in a new series by bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher. Through touching family relationships and trials of the heart, Fisher's vivid characters grapple with yielding to God's will when it doesn't match their own.

My thoughts:

From the first page till the last page of this book, I had a hard time putting this book down. I have to admit that there was not a slow page in it.

The story of Windmill farm brought tears to my eyes but at the same time brought lifted spirits. The story of Julia and her upcoming marriage to Paul Fisher both broke my heart when he postponed it but at the same time I was hoping that she would see him for what he really was.

And oh the Bee Man, what a life of traveling around and never settling down. What a life to live. The story of his life also broke my heart knowing what he was living with and afraid to love another with the fear of losing the ones he loves and then with Julia Lapp blaming him for Paul postponing their engagement because of what he tells the young men in the community about how nice it is to be able to roam around and be free.

Julia has a lot on her plate being the oldest of the Lapp children, their father having a failing heart, their mother has past away, and she feels that she needs to handle everything around the farm and the house until Uncle Hank brings in "Stern Fern" to help them out around the house. Luckily Stern Fern is a blessing in disguise.

I cannot wait to read the second book in this series, The Haven, which comes out on Aug. 1, 2012.

You can purchase this book at:

Images and excerpt are from
I was not paid for this review. The opinions of this book are mine and mine alone.


Monday, February 20, 2012

I finally grew up!!

I have been saying for years that when I grow up, I am going to get a tattoo. I have always wanted to get the Twin Towers with the base of them wrapped in an American Flag, but I guess you could say that I am too cheap to get that done. Even though it would be awesome, it would be expensive.

Anyway, a friend of ours was having his cousin Frankie, come over to his house to do a tattoo for him and his wife so I hopped on the ink train and got my first one. I have to admit that my anxiety was starting to get the best of me while I was waiting for mine to be started.

I had always heard that you were not supposed to drink before getting a tattoo done because it will cause you to bleed so I didn't drink anything or take any tylenol, which hind site I would have done something because it did hurt. It was not a killing pain but there were a few times I was thinking, "What the heck am I doing?" I couldn't just go with a small tattoo, I had to with a pretty good size one too. Silly girl!!

Ever since I first heard Toby Keith's song, Made in America I have wanted to get a tat that said "Made In America" I looked and looked and couldn't really find one that I wanted so I started looking for different types of fonts and finally, I found it! And here it is, it's about 4 or so inches wide and it's on the top of my back and I love it!!

While you are here at my blog, hop over and enter to win the 10.1" Asus Netbook Giveaway, to get there, just click HERE!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

WTH? Flags at half staff for Whitney Houston? Really??

I realize that Whitney Houston was a great icon but really, the American Flag at half staff?? Really?? That just pisses me off! You all see that little widget over there on the right that tells everyone when the Flag should be flown at half staff and you know what, today Saturday February 18th it says it should be flown at FULL staff!!

I knew that the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had talked about lowering the Flag but I didn't think that he would really do it? But today, I saw a post by a friend on Facebook talking about it and all I could think was, what the heck is he thinking?

So I thought I would do a little digging and this is what I found:

Feb. 15, 2012, New Jersey Governor Christie issued an Executive order to half-staff the US flag and state flag at all state facilities in honor of Whitney Houston (pictured). Section 7m authorizes the President, the Governor, and the Mayor of the District of Columbia to half-staff the US flag in certain circumstances. Can the governor order the US flag to half-mast?

bullet Can the governor order the US flag half-staffed for anyone he or she chooses?
No. Section 7m of the Flag Code authorizes a governor to half-staff the US flag upon the death of a present or former official of the government of the state, or the death of a member of the Armed Forces from that state who dies while serving on active duty.
The President, by comparison, is authorized to half-staff the US flag by proclamation upon the death of principal figures of the US Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as well as in the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries.
We recommend flying the state flag at half-staff.
A recent change allows governors to order the flag to half-staff to honor fallen soldiers from their state (see Public Law 110-41). The change was the result of governor proclamations, like this one from Governor Granholm of Michigan.
Some object to this extension of a governor's authority because they feel half-staffing the flag for every fallen soldier can be seen as anti-war. Some feel that overuse cheapens the symbolic power of half-staffing the flag, traditionally reserved for political leaders.

So with that information, exactly what the heck is he thinking?? I personally think that it is disgraceful to the American Flag! So are my thoughts absolutely wrong or are you all on the same page that I am?

You can see other Flag code violations Here.

In case any of you don't know the rules of the American Flag, you can read them HERE.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins - Nick names and tattoos we go!

1. Finally, I __think I am grown up enough for my first tattoo___.

2. __Hardwood floors___ sure takes some getting used to!
3. Dad says: __I guess I should have listened better to what Dad said___.
4. __Sofa cushion___ is my favorite nick name for __my dog Sophie___.
5. It took a long time, but __I talked Hubby into taking up the carpet in the living room___.
6. __I married at 19___ though I wouldn't have it any other way.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __relaxing___, tomorrow my plans include __getting my first tattoo___ and Sunday, I want to __watch some Nascar___

If you want, you can play along also over at Friday Fill-Ins!!


Today only: 53% of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 10

Over at today you can get both Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 10 for $69.99 that is a savings of $80.00 and plus you can get FREE shipping Super Saver Shipping.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Win 10.1" 1015PX Netbook PC #Giveaway - Feb 15 - 28 #mbsnetbook

The Asus 10.1" 1015PX Netbook PC provides the perfect combination of a rich multimedia and Internet experience with a unique look all its own. This cheerful design, exclusive to Walmart, will match your personal style while meeting your technology needs, all with the quality you would expect from the most reliable Windows-based portable PC brand.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Intel Atom N570 mobile processor

    1.66GHz, 1MB L2 Cache

  • 1GB DDR3 DRAM system memory Expandable to 2GB

    Allows you to do the computer basics of web surfing, emails and documents

  • 250GB hard drive

    Store 166,000 photos, 71,000 songs or 131 hours of HD video and more

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN

    Connect to a broadband modem with wired Ethernet or wirelessly connect to a Wi-Fi signal or hotspot with the 802.11b/g/n connection built into your PC

  • 10.1" no-glare display

    Intel UMA Graphics with up to 256MB total graphics memory

    Additional Features:

    • Webcam with built-in microphone
    • 3-in-1 memory card reader
    • 3x USB 2.0 ports, 1x headphone jack, 1x microphone jack, 1x RJ-45 Ethernet port, 1x VGA port
    • 3-cell lithium-ion battery, up to 3 h 39 min battery life


    • Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition
    • Microsoft Office Starter 2010: Includes reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel, with advertising. PowerPoint and Outlook are NOT included. Purchase Office 2010 today and get the most out of your new PC.
    • TMS security software (30-day trial)
    • Backup and Restore options built into Windows allows you to create safety copies of your most important personal files, so you're always prepared for the worst

    What's In The Box:

    • Power cord
    • 3-cell lithium-ion battery
    • Quick Start Guide



The FileMate M2825 Wireless Optical Mouse provides the precision of 1000 dpi optical tracking and the freedom of wireless connectivity. It features a scroll wheel for faster scrolling and greater productivity.

FileMate M2825 Wireless Optical Mouse:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Scroll wheel
  • 1000 dpi
  • Dimensions: 52mm x 95mm x 25mm
  • Color: White and Asus Teal
Netbook Case


The Merkury 15.6" Reversible Laptop Case is made out of shock-absorbing and weather-resistant neoprene material to protect your device and keep it scratch free.

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Easily fits into backpacks, briefcases and other travel cases
  • Soft, scratch-free neoprene offers superior device protection
  • Premium neoprene is shock absorbing and weather resistant
  • Compatible with laptops up to 15.6", and similarly sized devices

Open to US & Canada Only: See Official Rules

Contest Ends Feb 28, 2012 12:01 AM EST

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This will be here TOMORROW!!!!!

Or should I say tonight at Midnight!!

Make sure you come back for this awesome event!!


New Blog for Fibromyalgia Sufferers!

The Fibro Frog is a new blog for us bloggers that have fibromyalgia. Amy is just getting this blog up and running and it only has a few posts, which have been both informative and cute.

Here is a little about Amy straight from the blog: "I'm a wife, and a mother of 4 children that are pretty much all grown now. I also have Fibromyalgia, AC Joint Arthritis in both shoulders, Osteoarthritis in both knees, neck, and back. I'm also blessed to have several Tarlov cysts up and down my spine along with bone spurs on my spine and on my left hip."

Her very first post was about her diagnosis of fybro so make sure you hop over and read it, I learned a lot from it because I have fibro just not as bad as she does. I was diagnosed by my regular Doctor about three years ago and I had the same theory as she did, that it is just something that they diagnose you with when they can't figure out what the problem is. I had the blood work done and then I was sent to a Rheumatologist where he confirmed the diagnosis and put me on meds to help control the pain. Haha!! It helps but it's still painful. I am not looking forward to getting worse let me tell you!

Anyway, back to her new blog, I want to share her last paragraph from that post with everyone:

"I hope I get a lot of followers on this blog that will comment and contribute.  Maybe we can build a network of support for each other, and share secrets of what works for us. Granted, no two people with fibro or even arthritis will suffer the same symptoms all the time. Not everything that works for one person will necessarily work for another, but maybe (hopefully) we can all work together to help one another. At the very least, we can spread the word about how real Fibromyalgia is, and bring awareness to this evil thing."

So, make sure you hop on over and become a follower of The Fibro Frog blog!! You can also follow along on Facebook.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

National Shut-In Visitation Day

Today, February 11, 2012 is National Shut-In Visitation Day, making me feel like a real turd! I am sure that you are asking why, so I will tell you.

My Grandpa is in an assisted living facility about 25 minutes from my house and I should have my behind over there visiting him today. He no longer drives so unless my Dad or Uncle goes over and takes him somewhere he never gets out and about. And with my Grandma gone now, he is very lonely which makes me feel like an even bigger turd.

Today I was supposed to be working but I unexpectedly got the day off so I had made plans to get some more stuff out of this house while the trailer is still sitting in the drive way. My daughter is off today between 1pm and 5pm so we are supposed to be going through the kitchen cabinets and I am throwing things out that I no longer want or need and she is going to pack away the things that she will need when she moves out. 

Anyway, back to the National Shut-In Visitation Day. Make sure you are not a real turd like me and get out there and visit a Nursing home or some one that is stuck at home. Just stop in for a few minutes and say "Hi!" and hey maybe even grab them a cup of coffee from McDonald's because we know that they all just love their coffee.

I am going to try my best to get over there and visit him later today and if I do, I will stop and get him a coffee and apple pie from McDonald's. Grandpa just likes to have someone come in and talk to him for a little bit and share our lives with him.