Friday, June 22, 2012

Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Robot #giveaway ($339 value) Ends July 6th

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 Automatic Self Cleaning Robot Litter Box ~$339.00 value!

Automatic Litter Box that Saves Time and Really Works!

    • Automatic litter box that frees you from the chore of Litter Box Scooping
    • Patented sifting system provides clean, level litter and Cleaner Cat Paws
    • Litter waste clumps drop into large bottom drawer for Easy Bagged Disposal
    • Waste drawer can retain several days' worth of Bagged Waste
    • Cat-activated operation works to dramatically Reduce Litter Box Odor
    • Provides overall Peace of Mind for the well being of your pet
    • Increases personal freedom for short personal or business trips
    • Decrease cat box clean up time and increase fun time with your pet Review by Mom Does Reviews:

 Oh how I hate scooping cat litter boxes! We have 3 orange tabby cats, so scooping cat litter is a big task! I was very excited when I got my Cat Litter Robot. It came in a HUGE box. I laughed when I opened it because it looks like a bubble space pod that could spin the cat so fast that you wouldn't need to scoop cat litter. Waste would be sucked out of the kitty by centrifugal force. But, really, it doesn't work that way. Once you unpack the pieces, place the Bubble part on top of the base. Put scoopable cat litter into the bubble part to the fill line. Plug in the power AC cord to the unit and to the electrical outlet. Then put the liner into the waste drawer by pushing it into 5 grommets. The unit comes with 3 bags. I think a small kitchen garbage bag will work fine. I don't think the plastic shopping bags will fit into the grommets, but I will be sure to try. When you turn on the unit, it will rotate completely and back again. The cat litter will be leveled automatically. If you put in too much, the excess will fall into the waste drawer. It was super easy to set up and will make life so much easier for me. Changing the liner every few days can actually be a great chore for my son. The cat shown on the left, Love Sponge, has already tried the Litter Robot. Didn't see to phase him a bit. He did kind of give me a dirty look, but that might have been my imagination. I highly recommend the Cat Litter Robot for any cat owners that hate to scoop the litter box. I'm sure that will be 99% of cat owners. Order today for FREE shipping! You can even choose the 3 payment option. Or, enter below to win one!

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The Giveaway: Special thanks to Litter Robot for offering a Cat Litter Robot to one lucky winner! Giveaway is open to US residents only, 18+. Giveaway ends 7/6 at 1201am Thanks to these great bloggers who are joining the giveaway: Emptynester Reviews, Powered by Mom, The Deals and More, Donna's Deals and More, Couponing 4 You, The Night Helper andLoveMy2Dogs.

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  1. My first cat's name was Sandy

    maggie ann true armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  2. My first cat was a Russian Blue named Gunny

  3. My Sable and her son smokie joe would not know how to act with this litter box and being disabled it would be the answer to my dreams ,,Nice prize and thank you for the chance .Good luck to all who enter

  4. We always had cats growing up, but the first cat I ever owned as an adult was Sampson, a Seal-Point Siamese.

  5. snowman. a gray tipped siamese that lived for close to 20 years.


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