Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rosemary Cottage by Colleen Coble ~ Book Review

Rosemary Cottage Book #2 of The Hope Beach Series

By Colleen Coble
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.63 Stars

Book Description

Amy came to Rosemary Cottage to grieve, to heal, maybe even find love. But there’s a deadly undertow of secrets around Hope Island . . .

The charming Rosemary Cottage on the beach offers Amy Lange respite she needs to mourn her brother, Ben. She’s even thinking of moving her midwife practice to the Outer Banks community. It’s always been a refuge for her and her family. She also wants to investigate Ben’s disappearance at sea. Everyone blames a surfing accident, but Amy has reason to wonder.

Party Like A Football Star #Giveaway Event (ARV $698) ~ Ends 9/12

Make Our Own Network

Best of Times Ultimate Personal Bar Package (A.L.L. Review)
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A Ladybug on the Go

"The Best of Times Bar is the ultimate piece of party equipment for entertainers from all walks of life. The portable bar is perfect for any occasion, and can be customized with a variety of interchangeable wraps."

Monday, August 26, 2013

Are You Looking For A Fundraiser Idea? Check This Out!! Teespring Review!

Teespring - Providence, RI


Create & Sell Custom T-Shirts with Zero Upfront Costs

I just had the opportunity to check out Teespring, a website where you can design and create your own t-shirts, set the price and choose the time period that you would like to sell the shirts. Then after the selling period, Teespring ships all the shirts directly to the customers with no hassle to you. How awesome is that?

Teespring is a great site for those who are looking for a fundraising ideas. Say you are trying to raise money for a 4-H group or a Senior trip. Or say you have a child in your family that has cancer and you are raising money for the family's expenses while the child is in the hospital. Teespring is great for these types of fundraising causes. You can check out some of the past campaigns here. There are no out of pocket expenses and no upfront costs.

Now, I suppose you would like to know how Teespring does this right? Well, here is the gist of it. You hop over here to Launch a Campaign and start designing a t-shirt. After your shirt is completely designed, you set a price and how many shirts you would like to sell. Then you write a brief campaign description and then share your campaign via Facebook, email or however you would like to share it. Everyone can go in and place their orders for ever how many they want and in the sizes they want. Now, you have to sell the minimum that you specify when you are preparing your campaign but you can sell as many over that as you can. The more you sell the more money you raise for your cause. If by chance you don't sell the minimum that you specified then no one gets charged anything and the whole thing is cancelled. This is why you get your shirts at the cheapest prices possible and there are no upfront costs.

Here is a video for you that may help you understand it a little better.

I have went in a played with the t-shirt creator and I have to say that it is very easy to do. I even uploaded my own picture to see how easy it all was to do and that too was simple. You can even have the kids design shirts for their clubs like the Scouts and 4-H, that is how easy it is to use.

Here are a couple of shirts that have been designed and sold thru Teespring and if you click on the shirts, you can see the campaigns that went along with them.


So, if you know anyone who is looking for a fundraising idea make sure your share Teespring with them.

You can follow Teespring on:

Disclaimer: Images and Company information is from I was compensated for this review. However, my review states my honest opinion whether it be positive or negative. I was not compensated for a positive review, only an honest review.

You Can #Win 2 SmartSilk Pillows Here (Value $130)!! ~ Ends 9/16

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Hey, it's Tammy from LoveMy2Dogs here. Have you ever tried SmartSilk pillows? I haven't but they sure do sound like some great pillows. These pillows offer you a proven barrier against allergens, dust mites and pet dander that live on most down and synthetic pillows and have been certified asthma & allergy friendly. The other great thing about these pillows is that they help to control the temperature of your head and neck while you are sleeping. How awesome is that?

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FunBites, Bite Sized Fun Shapes Sandwich Cutter #Giveaway ~ Ends 8/31

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Frecklebox Personalized Gifts For Kids #Giveaway ~ Ends 9/5

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coffee Bean Direct #Giveaway ~ Ends 8/27


Coffee. Oh coffee, coffee, coffee how I love thee.... I'm a total coffee snob. My husband says I'm am addict and I can't possibly go one day without it. He is right. I pretty much need it and I almost had to go without when this sweet little 1 lb bag of Coffee Bean Direct came into my life. Well, in the mailbox. The coffee is perfect.

There is nothing worse that bitter coffee. The City Roast is smooth, rich and full of flavor. If you are shopping around for the perfect coffee, shop no more! Seriously the best I've ever had.

Product Description
We roast our Colombian Supremo beans to the full City Roast level to produce an even fuller-bodied cup. If you’ve started with our Colombian Supremo and are ready to take the next step, welcome to City Roast! This is one of the favorites in the Coffee Bean Direct office.
Supremo is the highest grade of Colombian coffee beans. This is the coffee that off-the-shelf brands are trying to emulate when they offer “100% Colombian” blends, yet not one of them comes close to the quality of a fresh roasted Colombian Supremo bean. These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma.

Want to win a 1lb bag of coffee of choice?

Giveaway brought to you by BabyDashco

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Starts Aug 13 Ends Aug 27th
U.S residents only

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner Is the Best Yet!!

Have you checked out the new Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner?


Let me just start by saying that it is my new favorite cleaner! It has done more for me in the past two weeks than my past cleaner with bleach has done is my goodness, who knows how long. I was actually embarrassed the first time I used the Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner to clean off the daycare room table. 

Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae (Book Review) So Much More Than What I Thought It Would Be

Title: Friday Night Alibi
Author: Cassie Mae
Publish Date: July 29, 2013


Rising star Cassie Mae introduces New Adult readers to a practical soon-to-be college freshman who seems to have everything—until a special guy shows her what she’s been missing.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Always On the Move #Giveaway Event (Bass Egg Speaker, Ozeri Pedometer & Fan Band ARV $140) ~ Ends 8/25

A Ladybug on the Go

Bass Egg Speaker (A.L.L. Review)
Ozeri Pedometer (M.R.R.R. Review)
Fan Band (A.L.L. Review)
ARV $140

Hosted by:
A Ladybug on the Go,
Monica's Rants Rave and Reviews

Got a bunch going on?  Always running around or just a fitness buff?  These are some great gadgets which will help keep you on track, entertained, and stylin' while on the move!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#Blogger Opp ~ Always On The Move

A Ladybug on the Go

Bass Egg Speaker
Ozeri Pedometer
Fan Band
and more....
ARV $140
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Wordless Wednesday ~ 8/7/2013

My favorite picture from my Aunt's house.

Want to check out lots more Wordless Wednesday posts? Check them out HERE.


Baby Bullet Food Making System #Giveaway ~ Ends 8/21

Welcome to the Baby Bullet Food Making System Giveaway!

Hosted by:  Savory Savings

LoveMy2Dogs and GottaGetMyBodyBack

Sponsored by: Baby Bullet


Have you thought about making your own baby food, but decided not because you thought it would be too hard or take too much time?  Have you heard of the Baby Bullet?  It is a food puree system by the makers of Magic Bullet – but with special blades and cups just for baby food!  This easy to use machine is convenient, fun and fast!  Krista over at Savory Savings had a chance to review the Baby Bullet and has shared her thoughts on why she wishes she had this when her little ladies were babies and how she is using it now when they are toddlers!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

50 Shades of M.O.O.N: Our Birthday Soiree #Giveaway (12 Prize Packages) Ends 8/22

A Lucky Ladybug

Hosted by
Make Our Own Network

People every where are different!  We all have our likes/dislikes; We have our favorite hobbies and interests;  We look different and dress different;  We are parents, children, siblings, and friends.  This is what makes up the Make Our Own Network team of bloggers!  We are the "Strange Kids on the Block" because we do things differently than any one out there.

For our first birthday, we want to celebrate individuality and independence from following the norms.  This giveaway event will be all about exactly that!  Anything goes - prizes vary from adult products to childrens' toys to travel gear to entertaining gadgets and more.

This is a HUGE Event with 12 possible "Personality" Packages to choose from!
(Please be patient if this one takes a while to load...there is a lot here to see)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kindle Fire Summer #Giveaway - Ends 8/15

Check out this awesome giveaway that is going on in the blogisphere! Who wouldn't want to win one of these? I know I sure would. I have a Kindle keyboard that I use constantly, my Hubby calls it my "blankie" because he says I can't go anywhere with out it. He's a funny man. Anyway, good luck!!

Kindle Summer  

This is a joint AUTHOR & BLOGGER GIVEAWAY EVENT! Bloggers & Authors have joined together and each chipped in a little money towards a Kindle Fire HD 7".
Kindle Fire HD 7" Giveaway
The winner will have the option of receiving a 7" Kindle Fire HD (US Only)

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Old El Paso® Farmer’s Market Event #GIVEAWAY ~ Ends

Have you ever tried any of the Old El Paso® products for your family's mexican night? I have to admit that they are my family's favorite. We use their taco sauce, taco seasoning, refried beans and taco shells, faithfully! When I was given the opportunity to bring this gift pack to my readers, I jumped on it. Plus, I wanted to try out their Fajita Tortillas, which I must add are just as delicious as the rest of their product line.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

#Giveaway - RECARO Performance Ride Car Seat - Ends 8/21

RECARO has over 100 years of history designing seats for the world's most prestigious automobiles, airlines, and race cars. RECARO is German engineered, and an international leader in seating safety, design, comfort and style. RECARO is the pioneer of child seat side impact technology, going beyond any side impact requirements as tested with the ADAC European standard. For your peace of mind - every seat is built with RECARO's superior side impact protection technology.

With the safety features and sleek design the RECARO Performance Ride car seat will be sure to look great in what ever car you own even if it's a race car.


Blogger Opp ~ Old El Paso Farmer's Market Giveaway