Monday, November 8, 2010

Lexi Update you don't want to miss!

Here is some wonderful news from Jen, Lexi's mom!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010 9:22 PM, EST

Boy has it been an excited month for us! The week Alexis was in the hospital for her line infection she also had her scans completed. As some of you know, the results of the scans have finally shown that Alexis is in remission!! Since then she had another bone marrow aspiration and that also showed no signs of cancer! We have waited over a year to hear those words and I can't even begin to explain how it makes Alexis, Scot and I feel. We have overcome this part of the battle against cancer and what the future holds know one can for see, but at this moment what the future holds doesn't matter we are enjoying each moment we have.

Alexis will now follow up with her oncology nurse practitioner only once a month. She will have scans completed every 3 months. We thought Alexis was going to have her central line broviac removed on October 27th, but as it turned out she didn't. Now we have to wait until November for it to be removed! Luckily, the central line will be removed 11 days before the day we leave for our trip to Disney. Alexis's Make a Wish trip was rescheduled to leave xxxxxxx. This means that Alexis will get to swim sometime during our trip. Usually kids can start swimming 10-14 days after the broviac is removed. Alexis is very excited about the fact that she will get to swim. She has always loved swimming and this has been one of the hardest things for her. When you ask her if she is excited about getting the broviac out she says no because she is afraid it will hurt. She has felt much better knowing that she will be put to sleep to have it taken out. When we told her she should be able to swim during our trip she said that she isn't going to swim until after 14 days because she doesn't want to take any chances that the site isn't healed. Throughout all of this, Alexis's number one priority is avoiding as much pain as possible. This is why she wants to take her own bandages off and never wants anyone to help her up when she is in pain. Thankfully most everyone that has taken care of Alexis has respected this and allowed her to be in as much control as possible. It can be trying on your patience as times but I would want the same thing myself.

So back to our trip. We would have liked to have gone sooner, however this was the first availabilty at Give Kids the world where we will be staying. The extra wait should be well worth it. I am pretty sure the Christmas decorations at Disney will already be up and it should be amazing. It took Alexis 2 weeks after we were suppose to leave for our trip to ask when we get to go. Aaron has asked about 5 times since we were suppose to leave! Yesterday, we received an information letter in the mail from Give Kids the World again like we did the first time around so this helps the kids know it is right around the corner.

Last week on Wednesday, Alexis went back to school half days for the first time since she was diagnosed in 7/09. So far so good! She was a little shocked by all of the behaviors in her class the first day but she hasn't said to much about it. Today she said that she is ready to go back full days but we need to iron out bussing, babysitting and things with her teacher Ms. Kilgore first. We are extremely grateful to Alexis's first grade teacher Mrs. Tucker because she been extemely influential in helping Alexis be where she is academically today. With Alexis's hard work and determination and Mrs. Tucker's help she is right where she needs to be in class despite it being a year and 2 months since she has been in a classroom with others. Alexis was very scared about going back to school the first day. I stayed with her for an hour and a half before she felt comfortable enough for me to leave. Since then she seems to be fitting right in. It has been comforting to me to see her classmates say Hi to her as we walk to class and them help her if she doesn't know the routine. Alexis has infomed me though that she knows the way to her class! If she wants tomorrow I will be dropping her off at the door. This process hasn't just been scary for her though. I felt like this was her first day of kindergarten all over again!

Well my computer is acting crazy, so I am going to go for now but I hope to get back on soon to share some of the special things we have been doing lately. Thank you again to everyone who continues to support Alexis and our family in your own special way. It has been with the help of all of you that has helped us get through this.


If you would like to catch up on Lexi's story, you can read all about her here. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. how wonderful Hurray for Lexi She's such a strong little girl I bet she's so excited to be going back to school and I bet all the kids are going to be excited to see her too.


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