Friday, June 10, 2011

Magnets that can KILL your KIDS and PETS

Have you ever saw any of these super strong magnets? Well, if you have and you have them around your house or you know anyone who has any of them, make sure you hop on over to San Diego MOMfia and read the incredible post about the danger of these.

Not only are these extremely dangerous to your children they are also dangerous to your pets. Take the San Diego MOMfia post into consideration before you buy these for your kids.

I have also found them called "Sticky Balls" and I found this description on for a 3/8" magnet that looks like a little flat battery: Neodymium-iron-boron is a fancy way to say super strong magnets. A single 1" magnet has more than 10 lbs of pull; two of them face-to-face are virtually inseparable. Smaller ones make phantastic door catches that can pull a twisted cabinet door straight and hold it closed. Use them to hold knockout bars to lathes, chuck keys to drill presses and blade wrenches to table saws. Rare earth magnets have innumerable applications on jigs, fixtures and hardware as well. Handle with care! Separated magnets can snap back and pinch skin.

Please beware of these!!



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