Friday, November 18, 2011

I Want A Moring Do Over!!


It is only 9:45am and I have had enough of this day already! At 1:07am I got up to go sleep on the couch because I could no longer sleep laying down because of this coughing crap. And yep, I have a Doctor's appointment on Monday. And while I was on the couch sleeping at about 4 o'clock I started battling a flea. Yep, I said it, a flippin' flea! Under my shirt!

Here is where I must back up and say that we had purchased the WalMart flea stuff that they have been advertising that is as good as Frontline and used it for the three months. Well, that won't happen again! This yesterday I went, well Rissa, went to the Vet's and got the good flea stuff....I think. Instead of giving the dogs the liquid you put on their backs they gave them the pill because we don't have to worry about tick this time of year. Well, I have come to the assumption that, that little pill must make them all jump off the dogs and on to me and not kill them. Now, we were only one day late putting it on the dogs so I know that WalMart crap does not work.

Well anyway back to the damn flea. He must have loved my Vick's VapoRub because I fought and fought the stupid thing for about two hours. Heck it could have been a bunch of them because I got up a few times and shook my shirt out and brushed my self off and still was feeling the stupid thing. Did I say I now hate WalMart? 

After I finally must have beaten the flea, and Jr gets up for work and tells me he is leaving I get back to sleep and her comes Rissa yelling at me, "Where are the box fans?" For crying out loud, I am sleeping! There are two places they could be, either in the spare room or in the basement. Did she look? Obviously not because she was yelling at me, "Where are they?" Of course I gave here the two choices and off she stomps telling me that the dryer is broken and all her clothes are wet. Just wonderful!

Now, at this point I am awake and coughing my butt off and I still have two hours before I have to get up and can't get back to sleep because of the coughing. Ugg! So finally I just give up and get up. I go out and sure enough, the dryer does absolutely nothing! I check the breaker and nothing. Now Jr (Mr. Fix It) is at his sister moving some stuff that needed moved and has not heard this yet.

So I figure I better get the floor vacuumed before the kiddos get here and I get the sweeper out and the belt needs changed because, well I won't go there but you can't set the sweeper on the lowest setting and then let it suck the throw rugs up in it and not expect it to burn the belt up. So, I get the new belt out and start taking the Kirby apart and the darned ole levers that allow you to take the metal plate off the bottom of sweeper that covers the beater bar won't budge. Not one little bit. I beat them and beat them and finally they move enough that I can get that off and swap belts and start sweeping.

At this point, dear hubby (Mr. Fix It) comes in and says, "I guess I should have went jeans shopping last night!" and turns around and he had ripped out the butt of his jeans. I just don't understand why they can't reinforce those things where they sew the top corners of the pockets on. So I tell him about the dryer. lol That made his day......not really. Then he leaves to go unload the stuff that he was supposed to be moving for his sister.

So, I decided to finish sweeping the floor. Not sure why, but I did. (Ah, dear hubby is back) As I am sweeping my bedroom, the darn sweeper catches a string from the fringe of a blanket on the bench and I didn't notice it at first because I am walking backwards out of the bedroom pulling the sweeper and that's when I notice all the clean clothes that was on the bench is now in the floor with the blanket. Ugg! 

Seriously, can I just go get some more Vick's VapoRub and go back to bed? Opps, I just heard the first four letter word from Jr, as he is working on the dryer. Yikes! Oooo, there went another one :(


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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that when I went to feed the dogs and open the can of dented green beans (yes our dogs LOVE green beans) it was so dented that it sprayed all over the clean dishes and when I was dumping the beans in their three bowls on the counter one of the green geans jumped over into my already measured cup of Delsym cough syrup. Not my day I tell you! That cough syrup is expensive! UGG!


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