Friday, June 1, 2012

Potty Time - You Can Do It #Giveaway

Get five great resources for potty training success: the Potty Time DVD with Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman, the Potty Time Music CD, Hopkins Uses the Potty board book, the Potty Watch, and an adorable Baby Hopkins plush! Potty Time is a Parent Tested, Parent Approved award winner!

Now the popular Potty Time Watch is available in:
* green
* blue
* pink
Sing, sign and dance your way through potty training with this Parent Tested, Parent Approved award winner. Potty Time, a potty training DVD, supports any potty training method by helping children:
  • Listen to their bodies
  • Stop what they are doing and go to the bathroom
  • Celebrate their successes
  • Deal with accidents in a positive way
  • Appreciate their amazing bodies
Potty Time teaches the potty routine along with signs that children of any age can use to talk about growing up, using the potty, and celebrating successes of all kinds. Signs are especially useful for potty training infants and toddlers. Includes:
  • Potty Time DVD
  • Potty Time Music CD
  • Potty Time Reminder Watch for Kids
  • Hopkins Uses the Potty Board Book
  • Baby Hopkins Plush

Toilet training can be fun and easy. In this potty training success DVD, Rachel teaches children how going from wearing diapers when they were babies to wearing underwear and using the potty is a natural part of growing up. Children will learn to listen to their bodies and recognize when they need to use the bathroom, and discover how to deal with accidents in a positive way. Includes fun songs to sing that help them celebrate potty training successes along the way. This product is an ideal potty training DVD for boys as well as an effective potty training DVD for girls.

Potty Time includes the following original songs:
  • Potty Time Theme
  • Look at You Grow
  • My Body is Amazing
  • Potty Dance
  • Stop What You're Doing (and Go)
  • Uh-oh Accident
  • Let's Celebrate
  • Shining Star

I do daycare in my home and I just started potty training to little boys and we are using this whole kit. I thought this was going to be more for me but I sure was surprised when I opened up the DVD and we started watching it. It has some really catchy phases and the kids love the other kids on it too. There is so much neat information for them it.

The boys are doing so good with this. I am really amazed. Even the bigger kids are learning from this DVD too when it is talking about the importance of washing their hands. I think it is different when it does not come from an adult that they know.

I especially love that the DVD talks about the fact that they kids need to stop doing what they doing and go potty. I think that is one of the hardest parts of potty training. I am so happy that this part is addressed on this DVD.

Be sure to visit the Potty Time website to get easy potty training ideas and potty training help.

Now, on to what one person will win!! The best part right?
  • Potty Time DVD
  • Potty Time Music CD
  • Potty Time Reminder Watch for Kids
  • Hopkins Uses the Potty Board Book
  • Baby Hopkins Plush

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Mom Blog Society Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

This is open to US residents only!

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  1. i would start out with pull ups to get her motivated to wearing underwear,i reward her with high fives,good job,and candy nicole j

  2. We are really needing help! My third and last child has been so hard to potty train! This kit would help out so much! We are using pull-up because I have 3 kids and using underwear would cause me to loose my hair! Maybe we will move onto underwear if he can stay dry during the day for a whole week.

  3. To encourage him to use the potty we have been offering stickers when he stays dry. I tried giving him candy when he went pee or poo but he is smart and was going every 15 minutes a little bit at a time just to get more candy. It kinda back fired on me! Now we do the if you stay dry you can have a candy and sticker. I think changing it to that made him think twice about when to go to the potty. But he still needs lots of practice and help!

  4. Pull-Ups and Hugs in the beginning, then maybe underwear and M&M's! :) Thank you!!!


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