Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Favorite PetShop Product Review and $50 #Giveaway


Have you ever visited My Favorite PetShop? It is filled with tons of pet supplies for your dogs and cats. I found some really awesome things that I wanted to get for my house full of four legged furr babies. Here are some of the things that I chose to get:

Kyjen Junior/Regular Bungee Weiner Dog | PET0315140

  Kyjen Junior/Regular Bungee Weiner Dog

Now for this Bungee Weiner dog this is great to play tug-of-war with our big ole Shadow boy. When he is having a "good" day, he loves to play this and with this bungee dog, it gives him a little extra room for some extra fun without trying to pull us all over. One head of this little guy squeaks and the rear end rattles. My dogs love the toys that squeak and are not sure what to think of the end that rattles, that is a new one for them.
Kyjen Hide-a-Bee | PET0315026

Kyjen Hide-a-Bee


My Princess Sophie, love this Hide-A-Bee! She is such a treat scarf that we make her work for them so we put them in the hive and replace the bees and she loves to pull all the bees out looking for the treat. The three bees also squeak so that is an added feature for the dogs to sit and chew and make noise with.

 Ailuo 3-Tier Sisal Cat Tree | PET023900701

Ailuo 3-Tier Sisal Cat Tree

My big ole 16+ pound cat Milo loves to perch his big ole body up on the top level of this Cat Tree so that he can swat at who ever is walking by, he is a bit mean like that. He also lays and swats at the pink ball that hangs from the top, I am sure that sooner or later he will be chasing it around the house if he has it his way. I put treats for him in the tube on the bottom because he is just too big to get inside it but this would be awesome for a normal size cat.

Pioneer Pet Plastic Raindrop Fountain | PET0902029

Pioneer Pet Plastic Raindrop Fountain

I have mixed feelings about this, only because I have crazy animals. Our Shadow (Newfoundland/Lab mix) is too big of a dog to use this fountain, Sophie (Cocker Spaniel) is afraid of it but Milo our cat loves it. Every time I see him drinking out of it and I go to get the camera he is finished by the time I get it. I do like that you can set the amount of water that comes out of the actual fountain and it does actually hold a large amount of water.
Armarkat House-shaped 18x14-inch Cat Bed Brown | PET0901009

Armarkat House-shaped 18x14-inch Cat Bed Brown

This Cat bed, I actually love because now Milo no longer sleeps under the covers on my side of the bed!! He literally just fits in this house but I guess when your cat is as big as a dog that will happen. It is a nice looking house and it is very soft on the inside and out.

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The Giveaway

My Favorite PetShop has decided to giveaway one $50 Cash code per every 500 entries, and only one entry per person. They are also requiring that when you visit their site that you use your Facebook account to sign in. This is simply their way of keeping track of who is truly visiting their site and who is not.

This is open to US residents only and ends September 10th at 11:59pm EST

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 I received these products in exchange for an honest review and was in no way paid for my opinion. Images are from My Favorite PetShop.


  1. Thank you sooo much for the awesome contest! This is great!

  2. I have 4 cats (ages 14 to 8 yrs) and just adopted an 8 month old female. She is getting use to a new home and the other cats. Since she had already had a litter she went to vet to be sure there would be no more. Her name is Bella and she looks like a siamese. Such a sweetie so far. lol
    The Ailuo 3-Tier Sisal Cat Tree would be perfet for them to get more exercise when inside.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thank you so much for this contest! I would love to win this for my Kiki. I just adopted her to save her from going to the shelter, and she will be getting spayed very soon. I have someone who is sponsoring her surgery. I would love to be able to get her a cat tree with scratching posts! Also want to thank you for making this such an easy entry contest. Bless you!


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