Monday, November 19, 2012

PERDUE OVEN READY Is What's For Dinner Tonight!

Perdue Oven Ready Roasters 


 I have never had any of the PERDUE® OVEN READY Products before I had the opportunity to receive a coupon for one during the PERDUE campaign by being a *BzzAgent. I went with the Whole Seasoned Chicken Roaster, how much easier could it be than to just take off the outer bag, cut a small slit in the inner bag over the breast and pop it in the oven? It is already seasoned and ready to go.

Now, we are not usually huge chicken eaters unless it boneless chicken breasts and is cut up and put into something so this is something new for us. I have done a beer can chicken or two a few years ago when we were camping but a couple bites and I am done. That is how big of a chicken eater I am and dear hubby usually skips by it to a burger.

Now, this is all I am writing for now. I will write more of this post after I bake this Chicken and have dinner and see how it is.


Well, baking that chicken was as easy as the directions said it would be. I took off the first bag, cut a slit in the second bag and put it in a casserole dish and put it in a 400 degree oven for 1 hour and 45 minutes and I did the thermometer check to make sure it was 180 degrees and it was. It came out of the oven looking and smelling delicious.

I do have to say that here is a hint, drain the drippings from maybe a corner of the bag before you start opening it. I had to drain my glass dish after I opened the bag and then put my chicken back in the dish. I also learned that where ever the bag was touching the chicken, that is where the chicken browned much better......but is is also where it stuck to the bag. So maybe if I would have moved the bag around a little during the 10 minute wait after taking it out of the oven it would not have stuck to the bag.

I am not a carver, I am a picker so my beautiful chicken looked quite a mess when I finished with it but it all tastes the same, right?? Of course I am not showing you all the mess that I made of that chicken but I am sure you all can imagine what it looked like if you just look at my plate. I am not all about pretty food, I am just all about it tasting good. And I just have to say that it was delicious. And my dear hubby even said that it was really good and went for seconds.. The daycare kiddos loved the chicken and asked for more also.

I went for the a little of dark meat and a little breast both but he is a white meat kinda person and I do have to say that the breast meat had more of the seasoned flavor, which I was completely surprised. The meat was all very tender and juicy and there were plenty of drippings to make gravy with and the directions for making gravy if you don't know how, is right on the back of the original packaging.


 *By being a BzzAgent I receive products to try, either for free or at a discount and then I give my HONEST opinion. I am in no other way compensated for my opinion so I do give my complete honest opinion about the products whether it be positive or negative. I also receive coupons to hand out to others and pass the word out about the product after I have tried it and I do this face to face so that I get their personal opinions so that I can give feedback to the company about what others are saying.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and as a BzzAgent I received a coupon to receive this product either for free or at a discount for myself and coupons to share with others. These are my opinions are my own honest opinions and I was in no way paid for my opinion.

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