Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vidacup Coffee Review

I was given the opportunity to review +Vidacup instant coffee recently and I have to admit that it was pretty darned good. I have never tried instant before because everyone is always telling me how awful it is but I beg to difference.

I reviewed their Ageless Brew and Mo-Joe Gourmet.

vidacup mo-joe
Most people cannot start their day without their morning cup of coffee. Mo-Joe gives you more of what you'd expect from that first cup; more energy, awareness, focus, and mental clarity. Mo-Joe will awaken your senses with its deep, dark roasted aroma and jump-start your day with our high-impact nutritional ingredients including our organic H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Super Concentrate. Replace your morning coffee with supercharged Mo-Joe. Start your day with a Cup of Life. Mo-Joe proprietary blend includes: H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei, Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Bacopa Monnieri, Green Tea Extract.

vidacup ageless brew
All natural low calorie latte Imagine a coffee that helps you to look and feel rejuvenated. Ageless Brew is a creamy, slightly sweet, low calorie latte that can do just that. Our gourmet coffee is infused with age-defying ingredients including our organic H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei. This latte will please your senses and your body inside and out. Ageless Brew is truly a Cup of Life. Ageless Brew proprietary blend includes: H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei, Grape Seed Extract, Extramel, Resveratrol.

Now, the Mo-Joe is a Gourmet coffee and is only 10 calories per cup and has a great smooth taste. The Ageless Brew is an all natural low calorie latte which is what I was really eager to try since I am trying to continue to lose weight. It also has a great flavor and only has 45 calories per cup. I was hoping for a bit sweeter latte but I still had to add a little sugar. My problem is I love my coffee super sweet. I know, I know, that is not how you are suppose to drink coffee but that is the only way I like it. People tell me I ruin the coffee with all that sugar but that is why I drink that cup and not them, right?

I am definitely looking forward to drinking up the rest of my samples. If you are a person who drinks coffee a cup at a time I definitely recommend Vitacup.

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Disclaimer: I have received product from Vidacup in return for this review. I have stated my honest opinion and in no way was paid for a positive review. Images and information are from Vidacup.



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