Monday, April 1, 2013

Have You Ever Tried Redbox? Here's A FREE Rental To Give It A TRY!


Have you ever seen those Redbox's that kinda look like pop machines with movies in them and ever wondered, "Now, how does that work?" Well, let me tell you just how easy it is because I used to be that same person. I signed up online with Redbox, which is a simple name...address... you know the normal.

Now, our local Kroger has a Redbox right out front so I chose that one as our "Location" to look for movies. I can sit at home and choose which movies I want to rent and I can pay for them while I am sitting on my couch. Oh and the cost of renting those movies.....super $1.20ish each. And there are always free Redbox codes online all the time.

Anyway, after you rent your movie at your convenience of your own home you go and pick them up at your own convenience. All you have to do is take that same debit/credit card that paid for them with to the Redbox and touch the PickUp button, swipe your card and waalaa, out comes your movies or games. Easy Peasy!

Now, you can also just stop by any Redbox and search through the movies and games and choose which ones you would like to rent and rent them directly from the Redbox itself.

Now, to return movies to Redbox all you do is simply touch the button that says Returns and it will prompt you to slide you DVD back in to the machine one at a time and waalaaa you are done. How easy is that? You want to know the best part? It's not a 24 hour rental they don't have to be returned until 9:00pm the next evening, the same time every time you rent something.

You can choose to sign up for text messages from Redbox and they will send you codes where you can either get movies for FREE or 50 cents off a rental.

Now let me give you your first rental FREE to get you started! Just click the Redbox emblem below and your on your way!


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  1. Never used one. Guess I am lazy with my Netflix at home. But at $9 a month (rounding up) it is pretty cheap way to watch movies anytime I want.

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