Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review ~ Vanish in Plain Sight by Marta Perry

Title:  Vanish in Plain Sight
Author:  Marta Perry
Publisher:  Harlequin
Pub Date:  5/31/2011


A young mother VANISHES in plain sight...

Since she was a little girl, Marisa Angelo has been haunted by the image of her mother walking away, suitcase in hand, to return to her Amish roots.

Marisa and her “Englischer” father never saw or heard from her again. Now Marisa has received a shocking call from police. Her mother’s bloodstained suitcase was found hidden inside the wall of an Amish farmhouse.

Desperate for answers, Marisa heads to Lancaster County. But no one—not the police or Marisa’s tight-lipped Amish relatives—can explain what happened to her mother.

Only one man is as determined as Marisa to unravel the mystery— Link Morgan, the handsome ex-military loner who found the suitcase in the house he inherited from his uncle. Because both Link’s and Marisa’s family members are implicated in the decades-old disappearance.

The secret lies somewhere in the quaint Amish settlements. But someone will do anything to ensure the truth remains hidden forever.

My thoughts

At first let me say that I was a little afraid to read this because it is published by Harlequin and when I was younger I used to read some books from Harlequin and it seemed they were all the same with different names and places. Well, I learned a great lesson from this book, Harlequin is not what it used to be.

Now, I love books about the Amish so that is what prompted me to get this book to review and I am glad that I did because I couldn't put it down. It wasn't as much about the Amish as I thought but it did have an Amish background but it really didn't matter because it was a great book anyway.

Marisa Angelo had quite a life growing up without her mother and having to deal with the fact that she believed that she left her and her father and that she did not want her. That is a lot for a child to deal with. I do have to admit that this story didn't really go where I expected it to go but that is good because then I don't think the book would have been quite as great!!

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