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#Giveaway - RECARO Performance Ride Car Seat - Ends 8/21

RECARO has over 100 years of history designing seats for the world's most prestigious automobiles, airlines, and race cars. RECARO is German engineered, and an international leader in seating safety, design, comfort and style. RECARO is the pioneer of child seat side impact technology, going beyond any side impact requirements as tested with the ADAC European standard. For your peace of mind - every seat is built with RECARO's superior side impact protection technology.

With the safety features and sleek design the RECARO Performance Ride car seat will be sure to look great in what ever car you own even if it's a race car.


The Structure
The Performance Ride has side impact protection designed to distinctly protect 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision such as their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. Tested to international standards, the RECARO Performance RIDE offers an intelligent design that protects a child during a side-impact incident. The car seat's enhanced head wings shield the head and face while a head rest limits neck movement. For added safety, reinforcements at the sides, hips, and thighs help stabilize the torso and pelvis areas.

Recaro Performance Ride 2

The performance ride is also a designed with a push-button LATCH system so the car seat is easy to secure to your vehicle. The car seat offers a universal top tether system as an added anchor (for forward-facing). The rear-facing recline lever allows you to adjust the seat to best fit your vehicle's backseat. I use the seat belt which is just as safe.

Recaro Performance Ride 6

The Harness
I love the easy adjust 5-point harness because the harness and head restraint are adjusted together so no re-threading is necessary to properly position the harness shoulder straps to the child. The one thing I despise about car seats is having to re-thread shoulder straps to accommodate a growing child. It's just a hassle. I love that RECARO actually thought about the parents also! All Performance Series RIDE seats now include HERO- a new, exclusive and innovative safety feature by RECARO. HERO ensures the highest level of protection and comfort by positioning the shoulder pads to appropriately fit the child's neck, head and shoulders while resisting harness twisting and ensuring proper chest clip positioning. The harness system also features soft pads to make it more comfortable for your child.

They also added a quick pull front adjust harness which is located on the front of the car seat making for a no-hassle harness adjustment.

Another unique feature on this car seat is the one-of-a kind racing-inspired white stripe, clearly visible on the outside edge o the 5-point harness, alerts parents to improper harness alignment.

Recaro Performance Ride 5

The Seat
Your child will for sure be riding in luxury with its comfort enhancing memory foam. Your child will be a happy camper if they are in a car seat that's comfortable for them. Featuring an ergonomic shell structure that offers support for your child’s body, the car seat is cozy for short errands or long road trips. For comfort and safety, the soft, cushioned car seat is made with expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) that absorbs external forces while providing your child ample room for growth. The seat cushion is also equipped with a memory foam seat pad for enhanced comfort.

The car seat also offers convenient storage pockets to keep the loose ends of harness belts tucked neatly out-of-the-way for ease of placing your child into the car seat.

Recaro Performance Ride

The luxurious, temperature balancing fabrics offer superior comfort and have a stylish design. The four zones of CoolMesh Air Ventilation provide an air circulation system that will keep your child cool and comfortable during a ride.

Recaro Performance Ride 7

The car seat can hold a child rear facing from 5-40lbs less than 22.5 inches and forward facing 20-70lbs less than 50 inches. The seat weighs a total of 20.5 pounds which is fairly light compared to most on the market. I know that some claim that the heavier the safer but then if you are moving your car eat around the weight can be taxing & most will be forced to buy a second car seat. So 20lbs seems like and ideal weight for a super safe car seat!
The seat hight is at its lowest point 27 inches then once you start moving the head rest up it will reach its max point at 29 inches.

The width of the seat is 19 inches and the depth is 11 inches. Just enough room for a growing child.

I also love the removable cup holder. I don't know about you but a cup holder is a must on my 4 year olds car seat. He must have one! lol.

Recaro Performance Ride 1

For no-fuss care and maintenance, the Performance RIDE car seat comes in a variety of easy-to-clean fabrics and colors. Caden was able to pick out the color he wanted and went with the blue/charcoal. I would have loved anyone he picked honestly. All the colors are awesome!


I don't know about you but I feel much safer buying my child's car seat from a company who deals with racing & safety on a daily basis. I know they don't mess around or cut corners. If they can protect a race car driver from a crash then I know they will help protect my child.

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  1. This is an awesome giveaway! I like that the weight limit goes so high, especially since the law now mandates older kids being in the seats too.


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