Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Lexi Update!

I got another update from Lexi's mom, Jen from their Caring Bridge website.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 9:12 PM, EDT

Hello! Alexis has had a pretty good week! I was a little concerned on Monday when she was extremely irritable and vomitted twice, but on Tuesday morning she woke up happy and full of energy. She even woke up before room service opened asking for breakfast. When she did get her breakfast she ate fairly well. All week long she has been eating at most meals which isn't always the case. In the beginning of the week Alexis was needing a good amount of morphine to keep the pain away, but as the week has gone on she has needed less and less.

As always, the hospital staff have been keeping Alexis very busy. She has had her usual massages, made up songs with musical instruments with the music therapist, made flip flops in the activity group, played with the rec therapist etc. Then if that isn't enough at least three times this week Alexis and I have been roaming the halls of J5 while she rides the teenage size three wheel bike and I push her IV pole. This evening after her bike ride she beat me 7-6 in a game of air hockey. Since Alexis has been felt well most of the week, we have been able to spend a lot of quality time together. I absolutely love that my almost 8 year old will still play and cuddle with me!

As usual the nurses and PCA's have been spoiling Alexis with attention. Everyone is so happy for her that this is her last scheduled hospital stay. Her last chemo sign is filled with best wishes for her. We have been coming here frequently for an entire year and the staff here at the hospital have been absolutely wonderful! Our family can't thank the entire staff enough for all they have done to keep mainly Alexis but all of us comfortable.

Thank you to everyone who has sent e-cards to Alexis this week! She has enjoyed reading every single one herself with very little help. Alexis wants to say Hi! to Graci from school who also sent an e-card. She can't wait to come back to school to see Graci and her other school friends. Speaking of school, the current plan is for Alexis to go back to school on Novemeber 1st after our make a wish trip to Disney. Even though this week is the last scheduled hospital stay, we still have 1 and a half months left of at home treatments and then 1-2 weeks to have the scans completed. The scans will give us the true picture of what our future holdss

August 30th is Aaron's birthday. He is so excited. I have been thinking a lot lately about ensuring that Scot and I are still there for Aaron. I think we have been doing well with this but want to make sure that never changes. We are going to make sure he has a special birthday!

Well in 5 minutes, Alexis's nurse is taking down her last infusion and hanging the TPN. Then tomorrow she will be discharged. I was told she was being discharged in the morning but that usually means she will be dischaged by 3!

Thanks again for being here for us!


I am so excited for Lexi that this is her last scheduled Chemo treatment. Let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers so when she goes in for those lasts tests the results give us wonderful news. She is truly a hero.


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