Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm (review)

There is nothing that I dislike more that cold hands and feet. It seems the older that I get the colder my hands and feet get and going outside with the daycare kiddos to play in the snow is just no fun if your extremities are freezing.

So Jennifer from HandWarmers.net and FootWarmers.org sent me some awesome things to try out. She sent me some Toasti-toes, insole warmers, HotHands-2 Hand warmers and Foot Warm-ups. Oh it was so nice to have these to go outside with. My hands and feet were so warm and cozy. Heck, I even used them when I came back inside to keep my feet warm. The kiddos loved them too. When they came in they asked if they could use them to warm their hands. They all
thought that they were really neat. Kids are funny that way.

A little info from the company:
The best place on the web to find Hand warmers, Foot warmers, toe warmers and body warmers! Many people find that when the weather turns cold, no matter what they do they have a very difficult time keeping warm. No matter how many layers they put on they still can not beat the chill factor, but the good news is now there is a way! Our hand warmers are 100% natural which means no harmful chemicals or batteries. Composed of iron, water, salt, wood fiber and activated charcoal these all natural products make our hand warmers, safe and environmentally friendly. Once the warmer is removed from its package, it is air activated to produce a warming all natural heat keeping your hands warm for up to ten hours. Our hand warmers are perfect for the hunter, fisher, skier or snowboarder, the snowmobiling enthusiast or anyone who enjoys enjoying the great outdoors regardless of the temperature. Because of their air activation they are easy to open and activate, even with gloves on! They are perfect for sticking in your pockets for some added warmth. However, most people find when their hands are cold, so are their feet. That is why we carry our line of Insole Warmers, and our heated insole Toasti Toe Foot Warmers! These products are the perfect compliment to our Heatmax hand warmers. Made out of the same ingredients as our hand warmers, our foot warmers and toe warmers have special adhesive to stick in your boots and enjoy warm feet all day! Our larger size pad body warmers are great for all over warmth, or to helps soothe back and joint pain. Heat is a known relief from a sore back or aching joints and these body warmers do just the trick. They have a special adhesive that easily attaches to wherever the pain is for immediate, 10 hour relief. So whether you are looking to spend some time on the slopes, on the river, need some heat relief, or are just sick of having cold feet and hands, try our hand warmers, foot warmers, toe warmers, and body warmers and do not let the cold bother you anymore!

Now, back to what I think:
At first I was worried about the Insole Foot Warmer being too bulky but it wasn't. It was nothing more than having an insert in your shoe.

They are self activating, which means you just open the package and expose to air. What could be more simple than that? Another wonderful thing about them is that they stay warm for hours. What I am saying is that some items stay warm for up to 6 hours, but the Hand and Body warmer stays warm up to 18 hours. Another good thing about these products are that they are cheap, oh and you can buy them by the case.

I am giving some of what I received to my daughter who is 21 and is driving about 45 minutes to work in a two wheel drive car and has to leave at about 5:30am. I gave them to her to put in her car just in case she would get stranded in the snow and freezing weather we have been having here in Ohio.

If you know anyone that has to be out in the elements, whether it is to work or play, I recommend that you get them some of these to keep them warm.

I was not paid in anyway for this review, however I did receive the item free in order to complete this review. I do honest reviews and the opinions are mine and only mine. If I do not like an item that I am doing a review on, I will let you know.


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  1. my mom use to sell these to the hunters when she had her gas station. they were quite popular. wish I had a case of them now....my hands are always cold.


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