Monday, January 3, 2011

Woo Hoo! I finally spurged on a........... toilet seat!!!

Now please take in mind that I do daycare for a ton of kids and they are hard on toilet seats and for some reason I keep on buying the oak seats that do not last very long especially when I am always asking the kiddos "Did you put the seat down?" to hear them go back in and hear and clunk when they dropped it. So after all the abuse my toilet seat gets and because I am a cheap-skate it looked like this.

Now, I do not usually have my toilet seat out on the deck but I forgot to take a picture before dear Hubby took it off the toilet. lol And yes, that is a zip-tie that was holding it on the hinge and yep those are good ole band-aids to protect your rear-end from getting pinched in the crack in the wood. Let me tell ya it will bring tears to your eyes when you get your butt cheek pinched by the toilet seat.

Now here is my new kid friendly toilet seat.

I got it at WalMart but you can also get it at

It has a little seat for little people and big seat for big people. No more putting a little seat on the big potty for the kiddos. This is such a neat thing!! And the kiddos love to play with it too.


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