Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogging is more than you realize!

I started blogging a while back for the simple fact that I wanted to enter giveaways and I also wanted a place that I could get some things off my chest. I do have to admit that I have won my fair share of things from entering those giveaways and I have learned even more than I could have ever won. In the process of doing all this I learned a lot about myself but I have also learned a lot about the world out there outside this little rural county that I have lived in all my life.

Anyway, I never dreamt that I would meet some of the most wonderful people out there. I never thought I would make "bloggy friends" who are also "facebook friends". Some of them I talk to everyday, whether it be having a conversation or just simply participate in Farmville, Frontierville or Cityville with or keep up in the daily conversations about our daycares that we run.

I do want to share something that I received in the mail today from one of those special people who is always taking the time to do for others. I wish I had half to the time that she has that she spends doing for others and a third of her energy. She is always on the go doing something for someone and enjoys every minute of it.

It is the cutest ornament, and it will be proudly hanging in my childcare room. Like I said, she is always doing for others. I have to say thanks Lenore, aka Lynette, you are truly an amazing person and I am lucky to have found you in "bloggy land"

You all can hop over to Lynette's blog and visit her to read some of her wonderful stories at:



  1. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I saw that and so thought of you and Aunt Rene...and all the kiddos y'all take care of. I so miss a house full of kiddos here. So now I live vicariously through your child care adventures.

    I do know I sure wish we lived closer....I would adore being neighbors.!


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