Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bed bugs and plastic in the coffee is NOT for me!

Well we went on vacation to the outskirts of Washington DC to Fort Washington, Maryland for one of my family reunions. Everything started out really great until we went over to check into our hotel. We got all checked in and before anything was carried into our room I told hubby that I must go see what it is like and here is what I found between the mattress pad and sheets:

One single freaking bed bug!! One is enough for me! When I first flipped up the sheets I was so excited to see plastic over the mattresses and then I got to thinking, what if.....? So I started looking on top of the mattress pad/under the sheets and on the first bed I found what looked like little pieces of dirt then I moved on to the second bed and about crapped my pants. I was not happy at all, grossed out is what I was. So I went down and told them about it and took them back to the room to show them and they have hubby another room on another floor. Needless to say that when I went to that room, I tore it up. I searched between each and every layer and looked more than once and found absolutely nothing, thank goodness. 

Another thing that happened at this hotel is that one morning hubby and I went down for the free continental breakfast and I was watching the lady make coffee and watched her rip the top of the bag of coffee grounds and dump the grounds into the filter then put the part she ripped off into the grounds and I thought, no she did not. And then I watched her to it to a second bag and I couldn't believe it. I wanted so bad to go complain but I was not drinking the coffee and I really wanted to have all my belongings when I left the hotel so I kept my mouth shut but I am going to contact the hotel chain with all this fabulous information.

I know that I will not be staying at that hotel in Oxon Hill anymore. What a great way to start a vacation! NOT!



  1. Wow, sounds like that hotel was substandard! I'd lose my freakin' mind if I saw a bed bug crawling around.

  2. Sounds absolutely revolting!

  3. I really hate bed bugs, they irritate me very much and they seem to be everywhere. Thanks for publishing this article because i needed it.


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