Friday, July 15, 2011

My thoughts on Jaycee Dugard

Image via TV by the Numbers/ABC Primetime

I know that a lot of people were glued to their televisions to watch Diane Sawyer's interview with Jaycee Dugard and we were one that DVR'd it and watched it later. I can not decide if she in fact is that strong of a person or puts on a great front. I do in fact know that she is a great survivor and a great hero to her children. She must have a wonderful relationship with God because I would have so much hate for the "man" that did all those horrible things to her. I would probably want to hunt him down and well.................. Her strength is amazing to me. She is an amazingly strong woman and I hope that her children have her strength.

I can and can not believe all the probation officers and sheriff officers that went into that "home" and never did their job. They never searched the property. They talk about parents not doing their jobs to protect children from child predators but when you can not depend on law enforcement to do their jobs it is even worse. And it was not just the county officers it was Federal officers also. Maybe it is time to retrain some of these officers to do their jobs.

Even after a 911 call reported children living in a tent on the back of the property it was never investigated. What the heck?? I hope that there were some people who lost their jobs over this and if they were already retired I hope that they in fact lost some retirement. As for that Sheriff that never talked to the deputy after he went to that house that Jaycee was being held captive in after the 911 call that reported children living in the tent. What kind of Sheriff is he? A deligator? I would certainly think that if a 911 call comes in on a convicted felon with a criminal history like his that the Sheriff would make sure that things were handled properly. The crazy thing......he is still a sheriff!

And the state settlement of $20,000,000 is a laugh in the face if you ask me. I think that her and her children should be getting way more than than that. I think that law enforcement let her down in so many ways. They owe her mother, her and her children so much more than that.

I feel that Jaycee Dugard is a true hero. If you missed the primetime special you find more info about it at:

A Stolen Life 

I just ordered Jaycee Dugard's book A Stolen Life for my Kindle for $11.99 or you can by a hardback for $13.74 from I now can not wait to finish the book I just started today so that I can read it.




  1. I missed the TV interview but I do want to read the book. She is an amazing woman!

  2. I saw the interview and was amazed at how mature she seems.

    I don't know how she wasn't discovered at their house sooner either...especially after so many law enforcement officials were there. It makes me so sad.


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