Monday, January 16, 2012

A Giveaway for Diabetics

I have an Aunt who is a diabetic and has recently had some issues with it after having some shots in her back for her arthritis. The shots sent her diabetes into an all out war against her unfortunately meaning that she has decided against taking the shots in her back to help with her hip and back pain so when I saw that a blogger friend, Crazed Mind, had posted a link to this giveaway on her facebook I decided to hop over and enter to win one for myself that if I were to win, I could pass on to my Aunt.

I decided I would also share it with you all so that I would get that extra entry in the giveaway, so here it is:

Hop on over to Recipe Lion to enter to win one for yourself or one that you could give to someone who could use it, like I am if I win.

Click here to enter!!

And while you are over at Recipe Lion, you should really check out some of there awesome recipes. I found some tator-tot casseroles that look easy and delicious. Well, I am going back over there to check out some more great recipes!


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  1. Hey, Tammy...If I am lucky enough to be the winner I will have them send it on to you. Sounds like it would come in real handy over there! GOOD!


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