Friday, January 20, 2012

To Cheese or Not to Cheese - National Cheese Lover's Day

Today is National Cheese Lover's Day and it should be a great day for me because I do love me some good cheese.

One of my everyday favorites is Extra Sharp Cheddar. I am not a fan of just plain ole cheddar but oh that extra sharp is oh so yummy!!! You may think this is odd but I will sit down with some extra sharp cheese, Lays regular potato chips and ketchup and snack away. I am not a sweet eater but I love some cheese. lol

Now if you want to jump up the line a little in price, I love Fromage D'Affinois! It is an imported cheese from France. It is so creamy and mild, and it spread just like butter. You want to let it sit out and get to room temperature before you eat it.

Fromage d’Affinois (froh-maj dah-FEEN-wah)is a rich cow’s milk cheese from the Alps in France. Unlike most earthy bries, it boasts an even creamier texture and a more buttery flavor, and lacks the mushroomy characteristic. Fromage d'Affinois tastes like a triple-cream cheese, though the fat content technically makes it a double-cream. Enjoy Fromage d'Affinoise with Champagne or fruity reds.

Another one of my all time favorites is Rembrandt, an aged Gouda and is imported from the Netherlands.

Rembrandt is clearly named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrant van Rijn. This Gouda cheese is aged over 1 year and has a very nice rich, deep hearty flavor, not overly sharp, with a touch of tanginess. Rembrandt has a firm texture, but melts easily.

The cheese can be sliced for your sandwiches, and will do fantastic in pairing with many full bodied red wines.

To me this is a very dry cheese along the lines of parmisean and it has little specks of crispies in it. It is definitely an either you like it or you don't cheese.

I love to sit down with the Fromage d'Affinois and Rembrandt cheese with some pears and some of the 34ยบ Cracked Pepper Crispbread and munch away. Oh, and a you must have a delicious glass of wine to drink with it.

Now, I never said that this was a cheap snack, but it is something to sit and enjoy with friends, or Aunts. This has become something that I always pick up when I go visit my Aunt near Washington DC. They have the best store in Old Town Alexandria called Balducci's that I absolutely love to visit and pick these cheeses up. I could spend lot's of time in that store looking at all the delicious foods.

So what kinds of cheese do you all like to indulge in??

Images and information on the cheeses/crisps came from their respective websites, which are tagged by clicking on the pictures.


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