Saturday, February 11, 2012

National Shut-In Visitation Day

Today, February 11, 2012 is National Shut-In Visitation Day, making me feel like a real turd! I am sure that you are asking why, so I will tell you.

My Grandpa is in an assisted living facility about 25 minutes from my house and I should have my behind over there visiting him today. He no longer drives so unless my Dad or Uncle goes over and takes him somewhere he never gets out and about. And with my Grandma gone now, he is very lonely which makes me feel like an even bigger turd.

Today I was supposed to be working but I unexpectedly got the day off so I had made plans to get some more stuff out of this house while the trailer is still sitting in the drive way. My daughter is off today between 1pm and 5pm so we are supposed to be going through the kitchen cabinets and I am throwing things out that I no longer want or need and she is going to pack away the things that she will need when she moves out. 

Anyway, back to the National Shut-In Visitation Day. Make sure you are not a real turd like me and get out there and visit a Nursing home or some one that is stuck at home. Just stop in for a few minutes and say "Hi!" and hey maybe even grab them a cup of coffee from McDonald's because we know that they all just love their coffee.

I am going to try my best to get over there and visit him later today and if I do, I will stop and get him a coffee and apple pie from McDonald's. Grandpa just likes to have someone come in and talk to him for a little bit and share our lives with him.



  1. Wow I never felt like a turd before, that must be weird. I hope you can go visiting and get a hug, there is nothing like a hug.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  2. I missed this one. Glad my mom lives with me though. Granny M would scare the pants off of any nurses aid.


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