Friday, February 3, 2012

Will next week start bringing the changes I want??

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you are just ready for some changes?? 

I know that I certainly am. It's not big changes, just some minor things around the house. I want the living room carpet ripped up so that you can see the oak hardwood tongue and grove underneath it to shine. I can't remember when we got that carpet that used to be a deep burgandy that has faded to a yucky more deep pinkish color. Along with the crappy color carpet, my "pink" recliner is going! And yes, I said pink! My grandparents gave it to me a long time ago when they bought new recliners and it has finally ran it's course. Not so much because of the shape the chair is in but because it's "pink"

Also I want to paint that room, that was last painted when we got that carpet and I am tired of the color, off white. What the heck kind of color is that anyway?? Or should I say, What the heck kind of absence of color is that? I don't want to go with a drastic color just a subtle color.

While we have the trailer to put the carpet on, I am cleaning out this house. I am extremely tired of the clutter that has accumulated in every room. I am not having a garage sale and unfortunately this time around I don't have the time to take it to Good Will, or I certainly would. Any books that I am getting rid of I will make sure go to the Good Will but other than that, it's in the trash. One person's trash is not always another person's treasures, is my motto this time around.

Another thing I want done is to get the main bathroom redone. I have everything to do it except the paint and floor tile. I bought it all a long time ago and I have been storing it in the spare bedroom closet. Why? Who knows! Now, I just need to get that utility trailer here so I can start loading it up!

Now, that is a lot of stuff that I want changed around this house, just to start with. But first tonight is going to be a girls night of playing cards. My Aunt Judy, my cousin's wife Jessi and I are going to be playing a few hours of the card game Hand & Foot. It's funny that I found this picture of three nuts playing cards because that is what we are, a bunch of nuts when we play and tonight we are missing our fourth player because she is sick. If you have never played it before, you should learn because it's tons of fun!!

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image by polcaga


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  1. we play hand and foot all the time....every morning m-f right now
    and online at
    join us...and let me know so we can play


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