Saturday, February 9, 2013

Johnsonville Monterey Jack and Chipotle Chicken Sausage Review

This is the first time ever for me having chicken sausage and for me it was a big thing. It took me forever to jump on the turkey wagon so jumping on the chicken wagon was a little easier but I do have to admit that these chicken sausage sat in the refrigerator for three days before I could bring myself to cook them. I am not big on change like that.

I chose the Johnsonville Monterey Jack Cheese and Chipotle flavored sausages and they do have a punch of flavor. And I say punch in a great way. Now, I like my food to have a bit of a kick not that ole bland type of food, I am all about flavors and this definitely has flavor.

I couldn't decide how to fix this sausage, keep in mind that I am not good at trying new meats, so I decided to add it to something else instead of just cooking it and eating it as it is probably intended. I decided to chop up a red pepper and an onion and saute them along with the chicken sausage sliced up, then throw in some corn and serve it over some white rice. Easy peasy right? It definitely was easy and only took as long to fix as it did to fix the long grain white rice.

 While I was slicing up the Johnsonville Chicken Sausage with Monterey Jack Cheese and Chipotle I was pretty amazed at how much cheese was actually in the sausage. Take a look over there on the right and you can see the cheese and the chipotle spices in the slice of sausage. Like I said, the sausage has tons of flavor and you can see it right there. Now of course because I sliced it up and then sauteed it with the vegetables, all the cheese ran out onto the veggies but it was all still good.

Now, doesn't that look yummy? I do have to admit that the flavor the chicken sausage has is great. The texture will take some getting used to but I think that it is something that I think I can do. It does have a bit of a different texture than regular smoked sausage or even turkey smoked sausage which is what we usually eat. I know that we will get some more of this and try it again. Heck, even Hubby liked it and he doesn't like chicken.

You can get Johnsonville Chicken Sausage's in these flavors:

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