Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Pretty Age by Barbara Mueller ~ Book Review

Title: A Pretty Age
Publisher: WestBowPress
Publish Date: January 9, 2013

Book Description

In 1910, a missionary visitor arrives at Sophiny Mumm’s convent boarding school in Concord, Kansas. Sophiny is smitten. Her best friend Antoinette Dominguez is not—and begins a series of strange behaviors breaking all the rules. In an ensuing investigation of puzzling enigmas, Sophiny has to use all the resources of emerging women’s rights, family relationships, social networks, the new technologies (telephone, photography, and transportation), and patron saints. A Pretty Age exposes the violence still underlying the Midwest’s supposed civilizing forces at the turn of the century (1910) through the emergence of two convent boarding school students into a world where weapons may have changed but the danger remains.

My Thoughts

First off I must state I am not a Catholic or familiar with the Catholic religion therefore in the beginning of the book where Sophiny and Antoinette are at the convent boarding school, I felt a bit lost in their everyday activities. Now once Sophiny was out of the convent I was fine with the everyday happenings. 

I have to say that I had a hard time reading this book. I wanted to give up so many times but every time I was ready to quite something happened that made me want to keep on reading. It was the little things like, what was under the tray in the trunk and what Detective Tyler wanted when he came to find Sophiny in her home town.

I do have to admit that the last half of the book kept me reading and wanting more all the time. The story line didn't go anywhere that I thought it would and it had me completely surprised. It definitely wasn't a book that you could predict the ending. 

I can only give this book a three star because of the beginning being so hard and slow for me. I am very sure that this would be a five star book for the right person.

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  1. Thanks for such an honest and good review.

  2. It's too bad it's a slow starter, but I'm glad the ending was more interesting!

  3. Great review. I like finding good books, but i get disappointed when they have a slow start, I usually keep reading because I like finishing what I started, and love when I end up liking the book as it goes on.

  4. I like books about the past. However slow starts are off putting for me. Thanks for the honest review

  5. I love that you gave an honest review. Books with slow start really bores me so I don't think I'll be Reading this book.


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