Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I lost, that's all I can say.

Just to give you a piece of how my day has gone here in the land of the wild and crazy kiddos. It all started when those darn daycare boys did not want to get up this morning and get ready for school. I yelled and shook and yelled and shook, finally I said this is the last time I am telling you to get up and then I am going to go get my Hubby, and guess what? Yep, you guessed it they jumped right up and got dressed for school and never whined one bit. That makes it me 1, kiddos o.
I fixed the kiddos some lunch and they loved it. They had baked chicken legs, strawberries, corn, bread/butter and milk. A couple kiddos looked at me like I was feeding them aliens until they tried the chicken and they really liked it. That makes it me 2, kiddos 0.
Then it had looked like it was going to rain outside, better outside than inside. But I thank the good Lord for waiting for me to get outside clear to the end of the driveway with a kiddo, waiting for the Headstart bus, for it to start pouring like mad. Needless to say we got a little wet walking back up to the house so that we can stand on our old porch but under the new roof so we wouldn't get any wetter. As we stepped onto the porch is stopped raining. Yeah!! That makes it me 1, the good Lord 1 and kiddos 0.
After all that we read our books and then it was naptime and boy I sure did need it. :0) They all laid right down and went to sleep and slept like angels for over three hours. That makes it me 3, the good Lord 1 and kiddos 0.
The kiddos got up from naptime, I got diapers changed and got them their snacks for them to eat, which they did. T H E N it happened......I had to get one of the kiddos up from nap and that's when I found it. He has pooped in his diaper, if that's what you want to call it. I guess it's more like he pooped in his entire clothes while he was sitting in his chair eating snack. I swear it was from his neck to his toes. Have you ever tried to change a kiddo when it is clear up their back and clear down to their socks? I just love when that happens. I finally gave up and put him in my bathtub, and showered him off. That makes it me 3, the good Lord 10 and kiddos 1000. I would have to say I lost.
Don't forget to go to Sundays post and let me know if you think I should have a giveaway for my 100th post, or not.


  1. I have had those days, I actually had 6 kiddos today and came out a winner. Tomorrow Chubba and I are having a hot date. We are going to the Palace and seeing a play and going to Hong Kong Buffet for lunch. I only have him and the wee babe and mom and auntie are keeping the babe. I know Chubs will love it and it will be great fun.
    So I will be a winner again tomorrow.. Its Thursday that I will be a loser, everybody comes.. whoowhee, the sun better shine.
    Talk to you later.

  2. dont you just hate errupting baby poop

  3. ACK!! That is a sloppy situation...

    I'm thinking I need to make a gifts won but never received post as well. I have yet to receive a few from mid March :-( It is a bit embarrassing to have to chase after my "gifts!" I'm a get things out in the mail the next day kind of person so this baffles me!


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