Friday, May 21, 2010

Aloha Friday and Friday Fill-Ins

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Well it's Friday again and over at Island Life you can play along with this fun and interesting meme.

So, here is my question:

What is your all-time favorite meal?

I would have to say that mine is the Ultimate Feast from Red Lobster. I would have to take off the Walt's Shrimp and add another Shrimp Scampi. Too Yummy!

If you would like to play along, you can do so over at Island Life. we go!

1. _____________ never fails to make me smile.

2. I'm looking forward to ____the weekend off_____.

3. _____Yo Gabba Gabba_____ is what I'm listening to right now.

4. Potato salad must have ______eggs_______ in it!

5. ______Since I have only had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds I would have to say that it________ was the best thing I ate today.

6. Today was ____rainy but it's not over with yet____.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __watching kiddos (if that's something to look forward to)___, tomorrow my plans include ___maybe playing cards with the girls__ and Sunday, I want to __visit the Grandparents___!

If you would like to play along, you can do so over at Friday Fill-Ins.



  1. Hi! I hope all is well! Thanks for all your nice comments! I can't believe it about my daughter. Very strange. It's going to be a long summer for her! I'm going to have her move down stairs so she is not a lone up in her room. I work out of the house and I can work in the guest room with her!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. My favorite meal would have to be something italian wise! I love italian food! Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Anything pasta OR
    Fresh Jersey tomato with s&p and sweet corn.

  4. Yay for weekends off- enjoy.

    First time playing along- looks like fun.

  5. My favorite meal is Paella with a lot of fresh seafood in it.

  6. How funny, we both had questions about food. I like your answer about Red Lobster and TGI Friday's, too.

    All-time favorite meal is a hard one. There have been many. However, the twin lobster spread in Portland, Maine was pretty amazing. Happy Aloha Friday!

  7. My favorite meal is the one I didn't have to cook! ;)

  8. OOO Girl, you took the words right out of my mouth. Ultimate Feast at Red Lobster is superb!
    I also like Shrimp Lo Mein too if I feel that route!

  9. I don't have a favorite meal butI like enchiladas.

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