Monday, May 17, 2010

What's THAT Smell??

I am requesting that Hubby and I get to start the day over again. Ya see, he is feeling like crap and since he had offered to go to the store today for me to get a few things, I thought since I only had one daycare kiddo early (because one Mommy doesn't know what day Saturday May 15th is, tell ya later) that I would just go myself.

So me and Miss Syd are off to the store, which of course we spent more than we should have but hey, we got what I was after. BabyBack Ribs that were on sale to take camping Memorial Day weekend and a beef roast so that I can try to fix this craving for Open faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. You see, the only family "mom and pop" type of restaurant that was around here that was any good closed so now I am not sure where I am going to get that fix.

Well anyway, back to my story....

Hubby also wanted a sausage biscuit with cheese and a sweet tea from McDonald's, which I wasn't not about to complain about because I could get me a sandwich also. So after the Kroger excursion Miss Syd and I made our stop at McD's. Now as I am getting our food, Hubby calls and of course I missed his call. Ugg! So I call him back and he wants cough syrup...........from Krogers. Needless to say, he didn't get that. I told him I would go back but he said no, he will get it later.

Now when we finally arrive home I take in the Mc Donald's, which was Hubby's idea and get everything out of the bag and guess what? You betcha! Mc Donald's was at their best again today. I ordered a SAUSAGE BISCUIT WITH CHEESE, I know I did because I saw it on the drive thru order screen. Is that what he got? Hell NO! He got an egg and cheese biscuit. I swear that McDonald's is in such a big freakin' hurry all the time they are lucky to get anything right. I suppose that now instead of just counting everything I am going to have to sit there and open each and everything to make sure it is right. Hell, maybe I will just go inside and ask to stand beside them and hold their hand while they make it, so I know it is right. Gee you think we go in there and order a cheeseburger no onion, pickle or mustard. NO, we order everything normal.....well except we add cheese. UGG!

As we are eating out daughters dog, who doesn't know how to burp...he just throws up, pukes on the kitchen floor. Yum! It's going to be a long day today.

Then, after I finish eating I unload the groceries and put them all away except for what needs to go into the camper for our Memorial Day weekend. Going to put those ribs and bacon in the freezer and the condiments in the fridge and as I am walking in I think "Huh, what is that strange smell?" Well I figured it out. The freakin' fridge quit working. Not only did it quit working but, it quit working with a Klondike bar, hamburgers, bacon and sausage in the freezer and condiments and biscuits in the fridge. Oh wow, does that stuff ever smell. Who knows when it quit. I tried to clean the Klondike bar out of the fridge and well there was a lot of gagging going on.

So my bucket of pine-sol and can of FeBreeze is sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to go out and scrub the fridge. Next time I may need to turn the hot water down a bit but I was angry and used the hottest water and well I can't put my darn hand in it yet.

Now that is not it, while I am in the camper I turn and look at the kitchen sink and where is the faucet?? It's laying in the damn sink. Laying. I don't think that that is where it belongs. It has been broken off and is just laying there looking at me. Oh I so wish I knew the story to the death of the faucet. Now for some reason they put plastic faucets in campers but for it to just break and fall into the sink.

Now, Hubby and our daughter have our 3 dogs at the vets office getting their nails trimmed and hopefully they will not bring home any more horror stories for me to tell today. For heaven's's only 10:20am.

Calgon.....take me away!!!



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