Monday, April 11, 2011

The Journey by Wanda Brunstetter ~ Book Review

Journey The Journey

Author: Wanda Brunstetter
Title: The Journey
Subtitle: Kentucky Brothers Book One
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Publish date: 4/1/2011

About the book:

Titus Fisher has often made poor choices. When he lived in Pennsylvania he chose the wrong girl, who broke his heart. When he moves to Kentucky, he finally discovers that he possesses woodworking skills, will he stick with it or return to the old comforts of his life in Lancaster? Suzanne Yoder’s talents don’t lie in the traditional Amish kitchen, but she suppresses talents that are frowned on by those in her community who believe a woman’s place is in the home. Will Titus be impressed or upset when he learns the secrets she hides?

My thoughts:

Once again, I was impressed with the work of Wanda Brunstetter. In the first book in this series Titus moves away from his parents after the love of his life takes off and leaves the Amish faith to move to California to try the English way of life. Titus is offered a job in Kentucky with a friend of the family so he decides against his parents will that he must make this move to try to forget about his past love. He finds that moving to Kentucky isn't all that easy of a thing for him to do. He runs into some things that are not so easy from the living arrangements to relationships.

This books jumps back and forth from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and back quite a few times but never once does it get confusing and I love how it keeps the families close. With the phone shanties Titus gets to share things with his family back home as they do with him.

If you have never read a book about the Amish before you can read the first chapter in this book by checking out Wanda Brunstetter's website. I guarantee that you will want to finish reading the whole book and will be hooked on her work.

Images and excerpt are from NetGalley and Wanda
I was not paid for this review, I did however receive a copy of the book in return for the review from NetGalley. The opinions of this book are mine and mine alone.



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