Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anti-Cellulite Shorts?? What's next?

As I was walking through the livingroom today, the Dr. Oz Show was on the television and I heard them mention anti-cellulite shorts. So, I just had to stop and figure out what in the heck they were talking about. So after I figured out what they were talking about I had to use good ole Swagbucks to search for what they were talking about and here is what it is.

Product Details:
Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite shorts - LARGE - Proven effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite by reflecting your body's own FAR infrared rays which help to break down cellulite cells and revitalize tissue. This improves the effectiveness of anti-cellulite cream by forcing it deep into the skin and cellulite. Bio Ceramic shorts also increase heat and molecular stimulation which enhances the effectiveness of exercise, increases blood flow, and accelerates metabolism to burn more calories.
They are constructed of 1mm neoprene with soft nylon/lycra lining. Soft elastic waistband and contoured to fit snuggly. Washable.

Now, I may be wrong but wouldn't your legs look a bit funny with the cellulite only gone half way down your leg??

Image and information was obtained from www.drugstore.com.



  1. ha ha ha
    that would be so true.
    but I do have some of this style of shorts. Not for running around everywhere & everyone to see shorts. But they do feel great when I am exercising (mowing the lawn) and such. And I know I sweat a ton in them! Do I see a difference? Hell, I can't see my ass.

  2. do they make a full body suit....now that would be the bomb...


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