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Kidzikoo Bottle/Sippy Cup Insulator #Giveaway Ends 4/17

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Adisyn had been on a sippy forever. She does drink mostly from cups throughout the day, but she still loves her sippy. I have been traveling a lot more throughout the day, and a sippy is a must. Keeping the liquids inside of it cool was much harder than I thought.
Until Kidzikoo that is.  My children complain if their drinks aren’t cool. They will not even drink it, and I don’t blame them. Who wants to drink room temperature juice on a hot day? And not to mention that if you put ice inside it will sweat everywhere. AND- in the winter- my kids need something to wrap around their cups because their little hands are freeze.
So, to prevent the complaining and the room temperature drinks- I was on the search for something AWESOME.
These Kidzikoo insulators keep the bottles and sippies the same temperature of whatever you have in them, without allowing them to sweat everywhere. These insulators work with both bottles AND sippy cups.
I really wish I had owned this when my kids were small and getting a warm bottle on the go was a very hard thing for me to do. With this you could simply fill up the bottle with warm water, slip the insulator on and then when baby gets hungry- throw in the formula. (Or pre-heat breast milk) All the same.. !!
If you look at the picture below>
you can see that they fit just about any bottle or sippy out there. They are extremely easy to put on. It doesn’t even take the maximum of 2 seconds to slide it on. It doesn’t give you any problems (of being too tight) and having to wiggle it on.
When you have it on, your kids won’t be able to pull it off though. It gently molds to the bottle or sippy. Also easy to get off. You just pinch the bottom of it and pull. Easy as that. It is also a GREAT protector for glass bottles (if that’s the kind you use.)
Did you notice that they are just as fashionable as they are functional? They have ten fun designs that fits just about every sippy or bottle on the market. I had trouble choosing my favorite because they are all so adorable and affordable AND made by a mom-prenuer. AND not to mention that they fit a RANGE of sippies and bottles (8-12 oz)
I hated when the kid’s sippies ended up sweating and leaving rings on the table. This prevents that also. So all in all- you GET more than you actually pay for. This prevents headaches all the way around, and how can I complain about that?
Out of the ten designs available, I ended up choosing the Julie Print. This is a red background with cute kittens and fish all over it. It has white stitching holding it together. I was never worried about keeping it clean though. Most of the time my kids are HUGE mess makers, and I had no doubt it wouldn’t be that bright beautiful color for very long. AND it wasn’t, but all I had to do was toss it in the wash with like colors. You also have the option of machine drying as long as you tumble dry. (Or just line dry it).
I love that she has included designs for both boys AND girls. That way I can purchase one for Aidan also. They are only $6.99 for one. So- you can purchase one for each kid, or one for yours and one for a friends’ or family members kid. They will be sure to thank you. It is a whole new meaning of fashion plus function.

About Kidzikoo
“Hi Kidzikoo Fans!  Lindsay Coleman here.  In case you don't know, I am the creator of the Kidzikoo!
Totally kid inspired, my son Landon has been the #1 driving force to make this new product from an idea to a reality.  Without him, I couldn't have done it.  Literally!  Here's the story...
One morning in October of 2010, Landon was sitting on my lap as he was drinking his cold milk out of his sippy cup. He reached back and put his little hand on my cheek and it was FREEZING.  I chuckled and said to him "burrrr, you need an insulator for your sippy cup!"  So, I marched upstairs to the computer to search for baby bottle/sippy cup insulators, thinking they would be found at any retailer.  Well, much to my surprise, I found NOTHING!  Immediately the light bulb turned on and the idea was born!
Over the past year, countless hours and tons of energy have been put into building this new business and creating the Kidzikoo for babies and kiddos around the world.  I hope you love them as much as I have loved creating them!
Lindsay, a "Mommy Inventor" is the president and CEO of LadyEdison, the parent and distribution company for Kidzikoo.  LadyEdison is dedicated to creating new and innovative products never before seen in the consumer market and distributing them to retail stores around the Globe.  Lindsay  hopes she can inspire other women to follow their dreams.
"Many people will knock your ideas and say you'll never make it happen. Use those who doubt you to fuel your passion and keep driving forward until you've accomplished your dreams. The sky is the limit and with good faith and hard work, all things are possible.  Believe in yourself and you WILL make it happen." (Lindsay Coleman)
LadyEdison is currently in the production of more products so stay tuned for their launch!”

I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. This is not a sponsored review.

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