Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Phone Fetcher Review and #Giveaway Ends 5/1

This is a guest post review and giveaway by Penny Pincher Jenny!!


My husband and I finally caved and upgraded to our smart phones in January!! I was SOOOO scared to cause i am CONSTANTLY loosing my phone EVERYWHERE!! In December i had it fall out of a bag into the bottom of a Rite Aid cart in a rainstorm!! I got really lucky my phone worked after that!!! I have had an issue since we
upgraded to the smart phone (we got a droid razor!!) it was too thin to find!!!!!! That little bugger slipped into every crevice POSSIBLE!!!! Extremely thankful we spent extra for a case and screen protector though!!! I was so excited when I found out I was able to review the phone fetcher and hold a giveaway!!! My mother will attest to how much I lose my phone and when she saw it on Saturday....she said she thinks it won't help solve my issue with loosing things and that I'll probably lose my purse with my phone safely tucked in it!!


The phone fetcher plugs right into the headphone hole on your phone!!!! And i had to put it through the "Jenny" toughness test. For the past week it has held up and in my purse TOGETHER, kids have not successfully destroyed it either!!!! This was the ULTIMATE test for me. If the cord would stay attached hanging the purse and phone by itself!!! The one drawback is it says phone fetcher right on the case that is supposed to be attached to the outside. Well I didn't want someone to "fetch" my phone for me without my knowing so I have had it attached on the inside (and have had no issues that way either!!) Product Description from Phone Fetcher
Never miss a call or lose your phone in your purse, backpack or gym bag again! Never misplace your phone again! Simply follow the cord from where it is attached to your bag right to your phone!
Great For iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, and More!
Never leave your phone at home or at your office again - Simply let PhoneFetcher™ hang outside your bag so when you pick up your bag to leave, you see that you do not have it attached and with you. You will never leave your phone in a restaurant, club, cab, or bus again. Think of all the time you will save when backtracking to find your phone! PhoneFetcher is simple to attach and simple to detach! Just connect one end of the PhoneFetcher™ securely to the inside or outside of your bag, and connect the other end into the 3.5mm headset/earphone outlet on your smart phone or mobile device. PhoneFetcher™ used on a daily basis prevents "Mini Panic Attacks"
Would you like the chance to win your own?? Be sure to enter on the rafflecopter below by competing the entries!! I received a phone fetcher in exchange for reviewing purposes for but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. I "lost" mine in my son's diaper bag and looked for it for hours!

  2. My glove box, I never put it in there!

  3. LOL...sounds silly but i spend a lot of time looking for my phone in my apt

    Whirlwind of Surprises

  4. airport bathroom vegas

    caden at

  5. Mine 'flew' out off of the dashboard of my car - out the window - some weeks later someone called to tell me they had found it - fully intact and still with some charge in it. BLESSED!!

  6. dropped in a lake while fishing

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  8. I left mine in a hotel room in Texas where we had been vacationing.

  9. I leave it in the bathroom at work at least once a week. So far a co-worker has returned it to me :)


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