Monday, September 10, 2012

COVERGIRL & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation and Pressed Powder Review

You know what I love the most about being a BzzAgent? 

I love getting to try new things and letting you all know what I honestly think about them, especially the ones that I fall in love with! There have been a few things that I have not so loved and that is why I love being a BzzAgent because I get to use my word of mouth to let you all know what I think of products that are sent to me to give a try.

So you want to know what I think??

This product I just love! COVERGIRL & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation has became my new one and only foundation. I have literally went and thrown out my other two foundations that I had in my makeup drawer. This is just so light but still has that great coverage. I do not like a foundation that you can "feel" on your face so I actually stopped wearing makeup unless hubby and I go out on a special occasion. I have been putting this on just to see if I can feel it and, nope!! It's like it is not even there! I am totally amazed.

I was also sent the COVERGIRL & Olay Pressed Powder and I have never been a pressed powder user but I am now. I have always felt that the foundation was heavy enough that I didn't want to add any more to my face but this is great because I unfortunately I sweat around my eyes and my makeup goes everywhere. I do love this powder and now it has a home in my purse and a home in the makeup drawer. Yes, I purchased a second one.

I was so amazed that with the BzzAgent campaigns we are given coupons to hand out to our friends as we tell them about the product, I was thinking to myself "How many of these will I need before they expire?" No, really I kept two for myself (one for each product) and passed the others along to my friends and others that I talked to.

Have you tried these? If so let me know what you think? 

I received these products to try in exchange for my honest opinion, therefor I am a BzzAgent.


  1. I too feel the same way about heavy makeup. So this is promising!

  2. i dont wear much makeup but this sounds like something i might be willing to try


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