Friday, September 14, 2012

PEDIGREE "Stay Clean and Fresh" Gift Pack #Giveaway

With two dogs in our house and one being diabetic, smelly breath is an issue with our dogs, especially with our Lab/Newfoundland mix named Shadow. So when I was contacted to review Pedigree's Dentastix, I jumped at the chance. Below you will see a picture of my Cocker Spaniel Sophie, eating her Dentastix mini. She absolutely loved them, and they did make her breath smell much better also. They worked really good on Shadow also but he just eats things so fast that I just could not get a picture of him doing anything but what looked like him snarling his teeth. I have given them these for a couple days before I made my decision on whether they worked or not and they do. Now, I can stand for Shadow to come over and breathe in my face to be petted. Thanks Pedigree!!

Have you ever wondered how the Dentastix works at cleaning your dogs teeth? Well in this video, you will see how that happens.

While you are over visiting Pedigree's website, check out the Denture Your Dog page and upload a picture of you dog and have fun with it.

This is what all came in my Gift Pack to review.


"Stay Clean and Fresh" gift pack for one lucky reader.
Each giveaway package includes:

* Dentastix Fresh Samples
* Two (2) packs Dentastix Coupons (Dentastix or Dentastix Fresh)
* NEW "Dogs rule" Gear
* Doggie Toothbrush and Toothpaste (brand to provide)
* Oral care tips for your four-legged friend

Open to US residents only.

I received the same gift pack in exchange for my honest review and giveaway. My opinion expressed are mine and mine alone (with the help of my 2 dogs on this one). I was not monitarily compensated in any way.



  1. My 2 kits are both my favorites! LuLu and Azrael :) And of course Rasta our dog :)-

  2. I'm new to your blog, but I'm looking forward to reading it! Thanks for hosting all these wonderful giveaways too!

  3. My favorite pet's name is Snickers. What an awesome kitty he is too!

  4. My favorite pet is Harley then Lady, they are both black labs and I love them both dearly.

  5. I love my geckos names. They are Chip and Dale ;)

  6. Her name is Gabbie , She the light of my life ♥


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