Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is Your Soleus Humidifier A FIRE HAZARD? Mine was on the list.

If you are following me, you may have already the story behind my dehumidifier saga. If not, you can check it out HERE. Anyway, I wanted to make sure that nobody missed the fact that these Soleus Powered by Gree humidifiers are a fire hazard and the company knows this and are accepting these dehumidifiers to be returned.

This company Soleus Powered by Gree is a horrible company. Even after I called them and told them that my dehumidifier had shorted out and some of the wires were missing off the CPU board they simply ignored everything and never even mentioned anything about it possibly being because of it being a fire hazard. Complete jerks!!

If you own a Soleus dehumidifier please make sure that you read this Stop Sale Notice that was sent out to the stores that sell this product. This was never sent to the consumers because the Product Safety Commission has not put out an all out recall but you can take your dehumidifier back and return it.

I am sure how you are asking how I know? Well, because we returned our dehumidifier because it was one of the ones on the list. We printed off the Stop Sale Notice and took the dehumidifier and went to Menards and had NO problem what so ever. We didn't have the receipt since we got it in December 2011 and they gave us an instore credit, which was fine because now we are sporting a brand new dehumidifier and I guarantee it is NOT a POS Soleus!!!

Menards only sells two brands of dehumidifiers so Hubby got the other brand so we are giving it a whirl. We wanted a larger one but they didn't have one but we figured that once it got the moisture out of the air, it would keep it out so we would just take a little longer to get out what was down there but then it could keep up with it. So far it is doing a great job.



  1. Fantastic results! You go girl.

  2. Thanks for sharing and letting us know!

  3. Thanks 4 warning me. Mine is an AC dehumidifier and I have no receipt as I bought it online thru.Amazon They have already asked me to critique it and I told them I was satisfied. If I should have a problem don't know where I could take it to as I live in Los angeles and don't know a Soleus dealer.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Glad it worked out.

  5. Wow thats good to know! Thanks so much for sharing! xo xo

  6. So glad it worked out for you!

  7. This is one of the appliance at home that I want to get before fall begins. Thanks for the advice!


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