Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Brand of Dehumidifier to NEVER, NEVER EVER Buy!!!

*Warning ~ Adult Language

I am about to do some well deserved ranting about a product that we have had for almost 16 months that should definitely last years longer than that. This product is our dehumidifier for our basement and it quit working already, it gets no power whatsoever. Nice, right?! I pulled the product manual and unfortunately it only had a "one year limited warranty," how nice!


So, this is when dear Hubby and all his mechanical knowledge kicked in and he started tearing into to see what was wrong so that we could get a part ordered to repair it and get it up and running again. We have one of those basements that gets a little water in every now and again around the edges of the walls (because some homeowner before us called one of those dry basement places and they cut trenches around the edges of the inside of the wall for the water to go into so it relieved the pressure off the basement walls - STUPID move).

Now, dear Hubby finds the problem with said dehumidifier, the circuit board has shorted it'self out and there are missing wires that connect those little dohickies to the board. So the next step is to get a hold of the company and order a new circuit board and get this thing up and running again because we have stuffed stored in the basement along with a treadmill, elliptical and all Hubby's woodworking tools and we don't want any of the stuff to draw dampness.

Well, hahahaha!!! The joke is on us. I call the company and after the "one year limited" warranty (where you have to pay shipping and shipping insurance to have a new replacement product shipped to you)......are you ready......there are NO FLIPPING REPLACEMENT PARTS!!!! NONE, nada, zero, zilch!!!

You can't repair this competitively priced dehumidifier that is carried at the leading chain stores and is a "Go Green" company! Nope, you just have to carry the damn thing out and set it by the curb for the trash guys to pick up, so much for a "Go Green" company, huh? Here is their motto on their website:

"We believe that green is good, and waste is bad. But we don't believe in sacrificing power or reliability. That's bad for business. That's why we pushed ourselves to create products that aren't just better for the environment, but also better at their job."

That is almost funny! Anyway, while talking to this CSR from this POS company I couldn't believe that he was really telling me that they do not sell parts for this dehumidifier. So I asked him: "How do you fix them under warranty?"
"Well, we replace the unit."
"What?? They replace the unit?"
"Yes ma'am. These units are built in China and shipped to the United States as a whole unit therefore we do not carry parts over here for them."
"Are you freaking kidding me? So what you are telling me is that you are selling a competitively priced products that cannot be repaired after the first 12 months while other companies are selling products that can be repaired?"
"No, I am just saying that we do not sell parts to repair these products?"
"So, what you are telling me is that your company is selling competitively priced products that you cannot get replacement parts for while you can get replacement parts for the other companies products?
"No, I am just saying that we do not sell parts to repair these products?"
"So basically you are just ripping off the consumers!?" He was not going to budge on anything. I asked to talk to a supervisor and guess what? He was a supervisor and he was just helping out customer service while they were swamped with calls. "Gee, I wonder why!!!! With customer service like this I would see why you are swamped and need help!"

Okay, so back to this "Go Green" company that sells disposable products! How damn green is that? If you ask me not very green at all! I would think if you were going to advertise that you were a "GREEN" company, you would at least pretend you were! And it is far more green to replace this little four inch circuit board than the 24x23x16 inch dehumidifier.

It is called SoleusAir, Powered by Gree USA. I searched all over for another way to contact the company but that was funny too! They do have a Facebook page that consisted of 20 Likes so I figured that, that route would be a dead end. I had finally found the Gree USA and tried to find some contact information for them and that made me chuckle also! 

The flipping idiot that I was talking to must have thought I was stupid because he started recording my call because about half way through the conversation, I could start hearing the faint "beep" in the background. That is when I made sure to tell him that I would leave bad reviews all over the place for this POS company and their customer service. I also told him that good customer service would have tried to take care of an irate customer but he was doing NOTHING! And don't think that I didn't let him know that I was sure that their "one year LIMITED warranty" was probably just that, limited! And the shipping and shipping insurance insurance you probably have to pay is to have it shipped from China too! Hell, why not!!

When I got off that phone call, all I had was the same piece of shit dehumidifier and a really bad attitude and a stress headache which pissed me off even more because I had a house full of daycare kids to tend to! 

It is a good thing that while I was searching for all this information and had my argument on the phone with the jerk I received this text from my dear Hubby (aww hell, do you think my phone will do a screen shot today, F#$@$$@#) any way, it said: "Heeeeeeey heeeeey good lookin.....whaaaaaaaatch ya got ya!" His timing was great because I was ready to rip somebody's head off and stuff it down their throat. I was so pissed there was no way I could have say down and wrote a review then and there. I wouldn't have been able to type anything because I would have had to keep backspacing to correct the f-bomb!

I just came across another name for Gree USA and it's called MJC America, Ltd. I found it by accident while reading a review of an dehumidifier on While I was there I found a Stop Sale Notice of dehumidifiers made by MJC America or Gree USA. This is what part of the Stop Sale Notice said:
"We have learned from MJC America or Gree USA that you have purchased units of one or more of the dehumidifier models listed below. We have received consumer reports of dehumidifier units overheating, emitting smoke, or catching fire. We are currently investigating the issue in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
Please immediately remove from your shelves and stop sale of the dehumidifier models listed below. The dehumidifier units should be returned to the address......"
My dehumidifier is on this list, so why didn't the "idiot" that I talked to one the phone that wanted the Serial Number off my unit know that? Or did he? Now I am at a loss for words, should I be pissed that he should have known it was one of those on the list or that he didn't know. Or should I be ecstatic that it is on the list and that I can get something done about it and that is why is shorted out and I am lucky it didn't catch fire. Regardless, I am still pissed off.
Now, I do NOT under any circumstances recommend this company for anything! Not only do the sell dehumidifiers but they also sell air-conditioners, both portable and window ones. I am currently trying to contact Tyler Scott, VP of Sales and Marketing, of Gree USA. I have found him on facebook, so wish me luck. It's not over till the fat lady sings and I hate singing in public, only in the car! 

Oh and by the way, I came across this little bit of information on the company called MJC America, LTD, which so happens to have the same address as Gree USA and SoleusAir. It is from the Better Business Bureau, imagine that!!

7 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues4
Problems with Product / Service2
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (7)BBB Closure Definitions
07/24/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
06/28/2013Advertising / Sales Issues
05/28/2013Problems with Product / Service
05/08/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
04/22/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
04/19/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
04/11/2013Problems with Product / Service

I am pretty sure that they will have another complaint filed with them before I am done.

 Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation in exchange for this review, however I did receive a little relief by speaking my mind about a company that I feels is unjust to the average consumer. Images and company information are from PROLOG, Gree USA, Amazon, SoleusGreen and SoleusAir.


  1. Lordy to know that this company by many names is ripping people off. makes one know that karma will get back to them.

  2. Wow thanks for the heads up! I am sorry you had to deal with this!

  3. Woozers! Pretty darn in crazy! Try Luma Comfort they are a great company.

  4. I am so very grateful for the heads up. You made a comprehensive review of their service and I hope the right people get to read this and improve their customer satisfaction.

  5. Thank you for the heads up I will not be wasting my money at all.

  6. Thanks for the warning. I will definitely be staying away from this company.

  7. LOL--I love your disclaimer at the end of the post! Thanks for saving the rest of us the aggravation of having to deal with this company. I definitely will NOT be purchasing ANYTHING from them.

  8. Bad customer service is the worst, especially when the co. doesn't care. :(

  9. I agree with you, so much for being green! we've had problems with dehumidifiers too. our lower level is all living space, it is a walk-out basement. and the previous owner & one who built it must of been cheap because we think there is no drainage across the back of the house which is built to back up to a steep hill. they swore they never had water problems before we bought it, but we've had leakage at least 3 times since we bought it 2 years ago & it seems to come up through the floor foundation. no insurance will cover it.
    one of the dehumidifiers we bought was used and worked well for several years, when it died we replaced it and it froze up & died just before the warranty, we took it to a authorized repair store and they had it all summer waiting for a part! just when we need it most, they ended up replacing it after we called & asked what the hold up was. it lasted a few years. we bought another one and it is passed warranty now and occasionally freezes up, but hubby was able to get it thawed & working okay. I bet we need a new one by next year. we use it about 9-10 months of the year, so it gets a work out. I don't think they are made to last long, so no dehumidifier is green. I try hard NOT to buy anything made in china for several reasons. warranty coverage is 1. You have done excellent detective work & research & I hope you get some kind of compensation or at least an acknowledgment from someone! with jobs so tight & the economy tighter you would think companies would want to keep the customer happy for repeat or word of mouth business. sadly not to many companies like that, esp when they use several names & phony names to sell under.
    Good luck. Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

  10. Thanks for the heads up. So much for being a "Green" company!! Not that I understand how any company that ships products from China is allowed to call itself and/or the product "green". Isn't that fuel those ships burn up getting from China to the US? Hmmmm... a non-renewable resource and pollution. Very green. And China has such clean air too, manfacturing there having to conform to such strict environmental standards!

  11. I've been dealing with them as well. My parent's unit has been recalled & get this they only refund the average selling price which doesn't include tax!! They may not think $23 is a lot but it is to senior citizens on a fixed income. I'm trying to find a dehumidifier not powered by Gree. Any info on that? They use theirs in the storm cellar which they thankfully have after the huge tornadoes we've had in Moore,ok


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