Monday, July 15, 2013

What Is Wrong With Our Country?

Okay, so I need to do a little ranting......

Sanford And Son

We have a new channel on our cable TV that airs the older television shows like Sanford and Son, Hazel, The Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Leave It To Beaver, All In the Family, Father Knows Best, Gidget and many other awesome shows. And well the other day they were showing an episode of Sanford and Son and leave it to Fred to drop the dreaded "N" word, which he did quite often.

Sandford and Son was a show that ran from 1972 to 1977 and was known for it's edgy racial humor, running gags and catch phases. Sanford and Son was enormously popular during most of its run, and was one of the top ten highest-rated series on American television from its first season (1971–1972) through the 1975–1976 season. And I must say that I loved this show and still do and of course it is still as funny as ever!

Now,  here is where my problem is. It was okay and obviously still is okay for Fred Sanford to drop the "N" word because he was not bleeped out on the show the other day when my Hubby was watching the rerun. But it's not okay for Paula Deen to have dropped the "N" word 20 darn years ago. Really?

Paula Deen - Savannah, GA

I guess I just don't understand what is wrong with this country. I guess I think that the fact is that it was 20 years ago and not yesterday makes a huge difference to me (don't get me wrong, I think dropping that word anywhere and anytime is wrong). I know that I am sure that there are a lot of things that the public doesn't know about the whole Paula Deen case but really? If people would put this much time, energy and effort into fighting something worth fighting besides being politically correct imagine what this country could accomplish.

We could spend the time and effort fighting crime, drugs, child abuse or sexual abuse. Or hey, we could spend the time and effort teaching our children respect. We could teach them to respect not only each other but to respect the country that we live in.  But how about we stop worrying about being so damn politically correct for a few minutes and teach our children how to treat others and how to treat themselves. If we could teach them this and respect it would probably lower crime of all kinds naturally. I sit back and watch so many adults lose sight of parenting with everyday technologies and the day to day stress and then when something big like Miss Paula dropping the "N" word comes up and boy they have time and energy to spend collecting information and voicing their opinions. And these kinds of things drive me insane.

End rant............

Disclaimer: Information/images are from Paula Deen and Wikipedia and CrackleTV. And in no way was I compensated for this post.


  1. I think that is it very important to teach our children to respect others and to think about what they say before-hand. Sadly, it seems as though many children aren't being taught this anymore. Great post/rant.

  2. I blame it all on everything having to be all PC now a days. It's sad that people are so quick to judge people on one comment and not know the whole story or context in which something is said.

  3. I totally agree! treating our children to treat others the way they woud like to be treated is sooo important! I don't know how we forget this...

  4. Thanks for a great post! I'm with you! It is really important to educate well our children and teach them about respect and good manners.

  5. I love social media....but in the same breath it has created our country to become a small country town that does not have anything to do other than butt in to other peoples business. And that right there is why we have a uproar over something that happened 20 years ago. Honestly I know each and everyone of us over 25 have done something wrong 20 years ago. Yes even 5 year olds did something as stupid as this is.

  6. The difference is that Fred was a character and Paula is a real life person that gets paid a lot of money for endorsements. I can understand the frustration with something that happened 20 years ago though.

  7. I used to wonder the same thing, but then I remember when I was in grade school and these little Hispanic boys used to make fun of me and call me Chinita (I'm Asian), while they used to stretch their eyes with their fingers. So until this day, when someone says "Chinita" I tend to turn around and look. I guess many people might think of it as that they are being made fun of.

  8. I just don't think it should be said at all 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago.

  9. I have to agree with ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R - but I also know the truth is that it's probably impossible to eliminate any kind of racial slur here and abroad.... I think at the core, we need to teach and show our children that the diversity in our races, religions, and gender is a beautiful thing and should be appreciated and loved.

  10. I think everyone just needs to take a good old dose of fukitol. Honestly... I only clicked on the link in my email, which I normally just dump in the trash without opening, because, well, honestly I thought it might be on something important. You know... Like sh** hitting the fan, kids shooting babies in the face because the mother wouldn't hand over a purse, or mother NOT HANDING OVER A BLEEPING PURSE WHEN SOME ASSHOLE HAS A GUN TO THEIR BABIES FACE! I mean come on people! DAFFUUUUUUG!? Is the 60 or so tablets of Xanax you got tucked away in there worth MORE THAN YOUR BABIES LIFE!? Whole effen place is going to hell in a hand basket. So I clicked on the link to read a story on someone pointing out some of all the really wrong crap going on. People shooting up elementary schools and such... And I get... More effing drivel about Paula Dean -_- Really? REALLY!? Quick! ASK ME IF I CARE! Do I think them firing her over a slip of the tongue 20 years ago is stupid? Probably.... Do I think that's all they fired her for, not a chance in hell. To be perfectly honest I don't think the last time that woman dropped an N bomb was 20 years ago. That's just what she publicly apologized for. Do I think Walmart should have dropped her line of food products for this? Of course not, I think agreeing to sell food by a woman who cannot cook a single thing without taking a bite out of every ingredient her hand comes in contact with to begin with was a bit gross. There is no big loss in my home over Paula Dean. Now excuse me while I go fret over something that actually matters instead of some very rich rasist lady with horrible table manners.

  11. Holly,

    The whole point I was trying to make is that this country is so stuck on being politically correct that they are forgetting about what really matters. Maybe I missed it but that is what I was aiming for.

  12. I am just so over this politically correct crap. Does any white person EVER get insulted by being called a "cracker?" I don't know of any. Personally I find half the politically carrect drivel more insulting than haf the old terms used. This is all about using derogatory names in derogatory ways. and it still fails miserably in the scope of whats really going wrong in the country. I am sorry but that is just how I feel. This isn't 1994 when the biggest issue facing use was prejudism and bigotry. In 2013 it's people being blown up because some psychotic person didn't agree with something our country did. Or kids being bullied to the point of becoming mini unibombers


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