Friday, June 24, 2011

The fat lady sings!

Yep, that is me! I am singing and doing the happy happy dance. If you follow me you will remember that I was not very happy the other day but I have to admit that everything has been corrected and all is well.

I am the very happy winner of the Galanz 0.7 cu. ft.700W Stainless Steel Microwave. Woot!! Shh, they have not announced it yet. lol The company made the contest right! I am very proud that they did the right thing and all is good now.

There will be a review coming about this when I get my brand new microwave. It will be the first new microwave in 23 years and I am so excited. Now for a little information about M2Cmart. provide M2C(Manufacturer toConsumer) trading services for the global trading industry.

M2C is devoted to help top GMC manufacturers sell their self-owned brand products directly in the global consumer marketthrough total SCM solutions and marketing services provided by

Global resellers can procure world-class quality merchandise at wholesaleprices from top?manufacturers directly. We have already established inventoryin your country and can fulfill your order within 1-5 business days.

- Competitive wholesale prices offered by manufacturers directly
- Reliable product quality is backed by GMC (Global ManufacturerCertificate) audits
- Local orders are quickly delivered to your door
- Local sales support is currently available in your country
- No minimum order requirements
- Escrow services are available for buyer protection

So, hop over to their facebook page and become a fan then request to receive a $10 OFF COUPON on their wall. And for giggles tell them I (Tammy Graham) sent you.

They will send it to you in your messages then you can go shopping on their website for lots of items for your home and garden.

Silly me sent out some page suggestions and I sent it out for the page Manufacturer Mart, which is theirs also, but it's not their fan page where you can get your $10 OFF COUPON. What they want is the fans so if you would hop over and become a fan, I would be very grateful!! You can do that HERE and don't forget to request that COUPON.


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  1. I'm so happy you got it! They were in the wrong in the first place..

    I can't wait to see the review though, it sounds like an awesome microwave! :)


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