Friday, February 19, 2010

I missed my own Bloggiversary!

Leave it to me to have missed my own Bloggiversary. I started this blog one year ago on February 11th. I started for the reason of entering giveaways, because my SIL Aunt Rene was entering and winning some really cool stuff and I wanted some of the cool stuff too.

I have to admit I have had lots of fun over the past year and I have won some really cool prizes and I have also had a few giveaways of my own. I have met a lot of wonderful women who I would like to call my friends.

I have been MIA recently because I have been sucked into Facebook and it's apps FarmVille, Country Life and GardenVille. I enjoy all of that stuff also but I have let it consume my time. Harvesting, planting, plowing, making bread, watering the flowers and collecting things from other neighbors can really keep you busy.

I do miss reading everyone's posts. My google reader is so full that there is no way that I could catch up, so I am deleting them all and starting over. I miss leaving comments on other blogs and even more I miss reading the comments that everyone used to leave me. I am going to try harder to keep up with y'alls posts.

Anyway, Happy One Year Bloggiversary to myself!!

PS Don't forget to enter my Rainbow Brite CD giveaway!



  1. Hi, Happy Bloggersanniversary! That is awesome! I have not done any of that on facebook. I barely go on it. I just can't do both! But my girlfriends are all addicted to it! Have lots of fun :)


  3. I get sucked into Bejeweled on Facebook or the arcade at momdot. I put the kids to bed and then find that its the middle of the night and Im still playing.

    Happy blogoversary


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