Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Audio Book Challenge: The Hope Chest (Brides of Lancaster County) ~ Book Review

I have finished listening to the 4th book in the series Brides of Lancaster County called The Hope Chest, written by Wanda Brunstetter.

The Hope Chest, Wanda Brunstetter (Paperback)


Rachel Beachy wants something she can’t have—her sister Anna’s boyfriend. When Anna unexpectedly leaves the Amish faith, Rachel’s hope is rekindled. Can Silas set the pain of Anna’s rejection aside and see Rachel as anything more than a child? Will Rachel be disappointed, or will she learn the true meaning of hope?

What I think:

OMGoodness, what a great book. I actually have been listening to this whole series on Audio CD's and let me tell you, they bring you right into the book. In this book Rachel gets her heart broken over and over again and wonders if she will ever get some of the things she wants out of life. She tries praying harder for the things she wants to learn that maybe that is not the way to go about getting those things. Rachel is a lot of help to her family and seems to get disappointed when it comes to things she wants to do or have. She sure does learn a lot in this book. I have to say, so did I. This is probably one of the best series' of Wanda E. Brunstter's that I have read/listened to so far. It's hard to tell though because I have never been disappointed in any of her books and they are all wonderful. Definitely a five star!

While I was over visiting At Home With Books, I came across a post where Alyce is joining this Audio Book Challenge, over at Royal Reviews and I thought why don't I do that. I love to listen to audio books when I go to bed, when I am waiting at the bus stop for the kids and when I am just driving around.



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