Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Mr State Trooper, I did NOT lie to you!

Dear Policepeople of Breezewood PA,

I am sorry for making that u-turn RIGHT smack dab in front of your station. Honestly I did not see that HUGE sign saying that your station was right there in front of me. But hey, thanks for not seeing me and writing me that ticket.

Dear Mr Ohio State Trooper,

I do apologize for speeding (even though I was ONLY going 73 in a 65), I was going with traffic. However, you were wrong about my seatbelt. I did not lie when I said that I had had it on since we left Maryland. I also did NOT lie to you when you asked me why I was going so fast. Yes Sir, my mommy did have to poop. And NO, I did not see that rest-area that you pulled me over in front of, because I was too busy watching you in my rear-view mirror. If you would not have pulled out behind me like that, I would have noticed that rest area and my mom would not have to had walk so funny at the gas station at the next exit. But hey, thanks for not making me get my license out of the back of the Trailblazer and thanks for making that the fastest pull-over I have ever known. And thanks for not laughing in my face when I said "My mommy has to poop." and for NOT writing me that speeding ticket. That experience definitely gave us a laugh that lasted for about an hour and we will never forget it. You were awesome!



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