Friday, October 18, 2013

3 Lessons: But Did I Learn Them?

If you all were here for my post last week, you will understand the whole thing with the 600 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas and where it came from, but if not, you can check it out here. If not, then read on.

242. What 3 lessons (good or bad) did you learn from your own mother (or person you see as being your maternal figure).

Well, for heaven's sake. Who wants to be like their mother? I am sure that my daughter doesn't want to be like me just like I don't want to be like my mother, who at my age didn't want to be like her mother and so on and so on.

What did I learn? Good or Bad? Hmm? Well, I learned a few good things and bad things from my mother. I learned how to make gravy and before you ask, that is an important thing to know how to do because gravy from a jar or package well, that just sucks.
As far as bad lessons learned, I have to say that one of the biggest things that I remember don't remember growing up is our parents telling us that they loved us every night before we went to bed or when we left. It's not that they didn't love us because I know they did, they just never said it. I knew that when I grew up and had kids that I was going to make sure that I told them all the time that I love them. And both myself and my Hubby constantly tell our daughter that we love her and we always have and we always will. I don't feel that we do it out of habit, we both feel that is something that is very important.
dirty clothes photo: 8 loads of dirty clothes 100_6196.jpg
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Another lesson that I learned from my mother was to always keep up on the laundry. You may find this a little odd but our washer and dryer used to be in our basement when I was growing up and we had this never ending mound of dirty laundry down there. Literally it was bigger round than a kitchen table and about two feet high. No matter how much laundry you did, there was always a big ole mound there. It was not that we had a huge family because there was only four of us but if you looked at the laundry pile you would think there were ten of us. I am forever doing laundry. I am one of those people that does a load just a soon as I have a full load and sometimes even before I have a full load. Hubby and I do not have a crap ton of clothes so we deal with what we have plus I have one laundry basket that I use and it drives me nuts when it gets full and is over flowing.

sink full of dirty dishes photo: A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes Dirty-Dishes.jpg
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The third lesson that I have learned from my mom is that I never ever let a sink full of dishes sit in a sink full of water and get cold......ever. I had to put my hand in cold nasty water enough when I was growing up I will never do that. Yuck!!! You will find that I will run some water in a dish and let that sit in the sink but that I can pick up and dump out and not have to put my hand in the nasty water.

Now, what 3 lessons (good or bad) did you learn from your own mother (or person you see as being your maternal figure).

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  1. Always keeping up on the laundry is a really great lesson; one that I wish had been ingrained in me the way it was in you. The best example I can give of the way I approach laundry is telling you that I am currently washing my third of five loads I had to do today. Whoops?

  2. I learned to keep up with the laundry: I wash it but folding it and putting it away is a completely different story. I also learned to stay true to myself.

  3. The one lesson I learned from my Mom that has stuck like glue is to always say Thank You for a gift (whether you like it or not!). Just accept it graciously, say Thank You, and then try to use it or re gift it!

  4. I can do laundry all day long but when it comes to folding it, I absolutely hate it. LoL

  5. One of the things I learned was to save, save, save money as much as I can, and never to spend more than what I earn. :)

  6. The smell and presentation of our clothes tells a lot about you personality. Fresh laundered and un-wrinkly speaks about the responsible nature and cleanness of a person. While stinky and wrinkly clothing can resemble a scattered unorganized person.

  7. Hah... still giggling over gravy, but that's because I totally GET it. That gravy skill has come in handy many, many times in my life. She also taught me to trust that everything happens for a reason.

  8. I always tell my kids I love them too. I don't remember my parents saying it to us either. But it's something I've always done, ever since they were little, and often they say it back to me and I love it when they do.


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