Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Knock On Wood!!

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I am seriously hoping that I am not jinxing myself by saying this but I am going to say it anyway. Here goes, make sure you catch it.........my family of three that has to 2 little sprouts that are little hellions have been really good for the past few days. Yippie skippie!! I am so excited. We have been having super days. Oh, what a relief it has been for me. In the last 2 days we have only had one screaming fit, and that was today right before their mom got here.

Mr "S", who is the 2 year old decided that he didn't want to pick up his toys when his mom texted me so say she would be here in 5 minutes. He refused to do it, I gave him a warning that if he didn't pick them up before his mom got here, then he would not get a piece of candy when she did get here (thank goodness for candy). Well, that was enough to set him off....and the screaming began and continued until his mom arrived. She told him that if he was not going to pick up toys then he couldn't have any of my candy, which he did not like her saying that either, so the screaming got louder. So, she picked him up and took him to the car to go home. Ah.....peace. lol The worse part about it was that he only needed to pick up 2 toys. lol I am blaming it on him not napping very well today.

I have told the boys that they have been so good and I am so proud of them. Praise and CANDY is working well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it continues. I knew they could do it, I just wasn't sure I could make it until they did.

Thank you to everyone who left me words of encouragement while I went through hell trying to get those boys to where they are today. <3



  1. That's wonderful!! And I blame it on no nap, too...that's the worst!

  2. YIPPEE! I hope it lasts...KNOCK...KNOCK...KNOCK...I always knock three times!!! LOL


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