Thursday, December 17, 2009

Audio Book Challenge 2010 Can I do it?

While I was over visiting At Home With Books, I came across a post where Alyce is joining this Audio Book Challenge, and I thought why don't I do that. I love to listen to audio books when I go to bed, when I am waiting at the bus stop for the kids and when I am just driving around.

This challenge was previously hosted by J. Kaye's Book Blog and is now being held over at Royal Reviews this year. I have no idea how many audio books that I would listen to in a year because I just started listening to them regularly this past summer and now I am addicted. I guess this is the best way to find out how many I listen to.

This challenge is open to anyone and everyone and it is open to those who only listen to a couple books per year to those who listen to lots more than that. Here are the four levels:

-- Curious – Listen to 3 Audio Books.

-- Fascinated – Listen to 6 Audio Books.

-- Addicted – Listen to 12 Audio Books.

-- Obsessed – Listen to 20 Audio Books.

I am going for the addicted Obsessed level. Do you think I can do it? I hope I can. Make sure you hop over and visit At Home With Books and definitely visit Royal Reviews and sign up for this challenge, I did. It starts January 1, 2010.



  1. Thanks for linking to my site! :) Good luck with the challenge!

  2. I think you can do it..
    I had planned this year on reading a book a week.. so that would be 52 books.. well as you can see on the bottom of my blog.. I didn't make it.
    I am determined to make it this year.
    Hope everyone is feeling well..
    See you soon!!


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