Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Cold Day!

Oh, we are having another cold day here with snow flakes. UUgg! Spring Break and the kiddos can't go outside to play without freezing their little butts off.
Well I think I have entered my fair share of giveaways today and yesterday and I think I am do until next week.
Ahh, I almost forgot. I told you all that I would let you all know about the prizes I won and from where, so here goes:
  1. Cactus Ring from Sheena's Jewelry over at A Give Away A Day. 2/12/09
  2. Sonny the Guard Dog from The Shrunks and I can't remember the blog site.
  3. Schoolbook from Once upon a Qpon that I have never received. 3/6/09
  4. Key fob from Frosted Treats. 3/13/09
  5. 3 CD Baby Music set from Spring Fling over at In A Mind of A Thirtysomething Mom. 3/13/09
  6. Personalized Market Tote from Memento over at Seeryus Mama, which they are working on. 3/30/09
  7. $50 Energizer Prize pack over at Funky Monkey. 3/31/09
  8. Fiber One gift pack from The Mud Bug, which I am waiting to receive. 3/31/09
  9. Hip Hop DVD video from Miscellaneous Finds 4u, which I am waiting to receive. 4/5/09

Make sure you stop and visit these sites to find any new giveaways.

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  1. Wow your list is getting long. Sometimes the prizes take forever. I am still a big ole sicko.. No kiddos tomorrow, cept the niece and nephew who are no problem. I can take meds and lay on the couch with them here.
    I feel like CRUD.... Darn kiddos need to keep the Crud to theirselves. Could have something to do with the kiddo who was out for 4 days last week came back coughing and threw up on me... hmmmm wonder... I should of coated myself in Purell. One day tonight just told me to take a couple of shots of Whiskey.. Yeah,,, let me do that and watch your kids that would be interesting. Oh well take care, I hope you win lots, I haven't entered I just don't feel like it.
    Good night!


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