Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super Sunday.....

...then busy busy week to come. One of my schools is on Spring Break this coming week and that means that I will have 7 extra kids this week. It will be a long week at my house.
I had yesterday off so I switched things up a little and visited my Grandparents yesterday. My hubby went with me yesterday so that he could repair my Grandpa's broken recliner and visit them since he hasn't been there in a over a month. We ended up going to the bank and then to McDonald's for a coffee break. And leave it to me to leave my purse there on the floor under our table. Thank goodness that someone turned it in and never stole my cash that was in it, and man was McDonald's packed. I talked to them about some things I would like to have out of their house and I was told to go get it and they don't have to tell me twice. I have one of the things and hopefully the hubby can get one other thing today or tomorrow. Then I have to talk to them about some more stuff I would like to have. No one else wants to visit them except me, my Dad, Uncle and occasionally my brothers family. I have 3 cousins who live about an hour away and have only been to visit 3 times in over a year. Once was to get their visit in before Christmas and one was for Christmas and the other was last summer some time. I think that is sad.
A couple of funny things happened when we were over there. I hope they are as funny when I tell them as they were there, so here goes:
Grandpa was doing his regular complaining about some things and
Grandma says, "Some people complain about everything."
My Grandpa responds with, "Are you talking about me?"
And Grandma says, "Well, if the shoe fits, then put it on!"
I thought I was gonna fall out of my chair laughing.
Then a little later Grandpa comes up with, "You know a lot of people who live here don't know if it's yesterday, today or tomorrow."
Grandma, who we thought was sleeping, pops up with a, "Are you talking about your wife?"
Another time that I thought I was going to fall out of my chair laughing.
A really close friend of my Grandparents was buried last Friday and they went to the calling hours on Thursday and they kept talking about how they were going to miss him, which I am sure they will, and how he was only 82 and my Grandparents are 89 and 91. My grandpa comes up with this: "You know, at this rate, I won't have any of my friends at my funeral because they all keep dying." "There won't be anybody there!" I had to assure that the family will be there, but he said that's not the same. My hubby decided that Grandpa was only concerned with how many of friends will be there and when you are 92 the chances are pretty slim that you will have a lot of friends there.
Needless to say it is never dull when you go over there for a visit.


  1. Glad to hear the Grandparents are doing well, Your GP sounds the same as always. Thankfully.
    I have this yucky cough... Hoping it is not Bronchitis, don't know.. Downing the cough medicine and cold pills, because I have a easy Spring Break.. only 1 kiddos tomorrow. YEAH!!!
    I hope the weather is as beauttiful as today and that this yuck goes out of my chest so I can enjoy it.
    Tell my Bro I said HI, and my niece. I actually saw her on Friday night, let her know the Map to her Gma's house is on the way.. She seems to need a GPS to get here.. hehehe.. Talk to you later.

  2. Wow you are going to have your hands full this week!

    I love the story about what you grandparents said. How freakin' cute are they.


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